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Peer statistics training empowers UNIC Windhoek interns

Training is an important part of the graduate internship programme at the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek. These trainings are delivered not only by staff members but interns as well. It is an opportunity for them to share their knowledge in different fields as well as harness their public speaking and presentation skills.

On Friday, 15 June 2018, our international intern Joseph Bohbot provided training to three national  internson capturing, analysing and using statistics. Joseph, a national of France who has a Masters  degree in Geopolitics and currently completing his Masters in Communications holds vast experience with data collection. Joseph updated UNIC Windhoek’s evaluation forms, which are given out all initiatives. UNIC Windhoek is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of participants that attend our events and outreaches, with the content they receive and in the relation to  the United Nations staff. The updated form has streamlined the questions to ensure that they are targeted, strategic and capture the essence of the event.The forms have been used to gauge satistfacation as well as to analyse the impact, success and challenges of the outreaches from the very young audiences to the older audience.

 Capturing the data post event is very important, and Joseph trained his fellow interns about statistics and how these statistics not only allow us to better understand the impression made on our target audiences but also about how the information is used to improve and grow programmes. Data analysis is an integral component of understanding the expectations of the Namibian society in terms of development and receiving feedback at the grass-root level strengthens programming.

The UNIC Windhoek graduate internship programme aims to harness the skills of interns to build capacity and transfer knowledge among peers. Continuous learning is an integral part of the internship, and interns both, local and international, use their expertise to build their strengths as a team, fostering a sense of camaraderie and partnership.


Delegates Participate in Model UN Training ahead of Annual conference in June 2017

UNIC Windhoek conducted a successful two day training workshop for high school students on the Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) programme, 25-26 April 2017 at the UN House in Windhoek.

Delegates from schools around Windhoek, including Windhoek High School, Highline, Jakob Marengo, Jan Mohr, Dawid Bezuidenhout, Academia and Immanuel Shifidi attended the engaging training. UNIC Windhoek welcomed Eldorado Secondary School, who attended the programme for the first time.

The training was structured to present the basics and most essential components of Model UN and the delegates were assigned countries they will be representing at the upcoming Model UN

Namibia conference.The delegates were excited to learn which countries they would represent and who they will be partnered  with at the conference.

Impressive talent was showcased by the student delegates during the training session and the UNIC team is looking forward to the annual conference scheduled for 7-8 June 2017, to see what the student delegates will bring to the table! #MUNNAM2017 #ModelUN

Coaching the Model UN Namibia team of Windhoek Gymnasium Secondary School

IMG_1265UNIC Windhoek is always seeking ways to make preparing for Model UN Namibia (MUNNAM) Conferences easier and help MUN delegates to be more efficient, thus providing students with a number of resources to lead others, club leaders and individuals in their preparation for upcoming MUNNAM conference.

On Wednesday, 2 March, the Centre added yet another active group of students from Windhoek Gymnasium Secondary School to our pool of MUN clubs.

Our detailed lesson plan involved meeting new students, introducing them to the curricula on MUN teaching and engaging in role playing of the substantive procedural issues of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Continue reading

WebEx session with journalists on Climate Change

Wev ex 1Climate change is widely recognized as the major environmental problem facing the globe. 196 Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change will be gathering in Paris from 30 November to 11 December to reach a meaningful and universal agreement on climate that would put the world on a path to limit global temperature to less than 2 degrees Celsius.

Addressing and raising awareness, climate change is central to the work of the United Nations Information Centre in Windhoek. In light hereof UNIC Windhoek invited four media outlets to attend a WebEx session for journalists in Africa, hosted by Mr. Janos Pasztor, Assistant Secretary-General on Climate Change. The session was held at UNIC offices in Windhoek. Continue reading

UNIC expands MUNNAM programme to coastal towns

UNIC Windhoek – From the 22nd-25th August, the centre visited 6 high schools within the Erongo Region, in the towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. This educational outreach initiative allowed colleagues to present the Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) Programme to the learners to ensure their participation in the 2014 conference and more importantly to become part of the MUNNAM family.

The introductory programme started on 22ndJuly, visiting De Duine Secondary School, Kuisebmund Secondary School and Walvis Bay Private High School in Walvis Bay.  The afternoon training sessions brought together 45 learners from the aforementioned schools, which allowed the UNIC Windhoek team to embark on an intensive Model United Nations training session at the De Duine Secondary School Hall.The interactive teaching engagement was done through role play, video clips and quizzes about the United Nations.


Walvis Bay delegates proudly pictured with their country placards.

The Model United Nations vocabulary and rules of procedure, sounded odd at first but the learners were eager to learn and surprisingly adopted it very quickly. This was quite evident during their first hands-on training “mock” session on the topic “whether education should be free”. The two day training session also made provision for more practical group work on the essentials of MUN documents which included the purpose of a Position Paper and Resolution writing. The training session in Walvis Bay come to an end with the passing of two resolutions.

The bright and eager Walvis Bay learners had the following to say about the Model UN programme:  “I’ve learned so much during these two days and I made many new friends.” Continue reading