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UN Namibia staff pledge to #SlowDown

​In an effort to promote road safety, the UN Communications Group set up in the foyer of the UN House to promote the Fourth United Nations Global Road Safety Week to UN Staff on 17 May 2017. The previous week, the UN System joined stakeholders from the private and public sector to advocate on the importance of slowing down, a campaign targeted toward the general public. UNIC Staff asked staff to stop and pledge as they entered the building.

UN drivers, staff and UNCT members were asked to pledge their support by signing the campaign poster and taking a photograph. Staff furthermore cemented their personal commitment to road safety in Namibia by inviting colleagues to join them.

Road accidents remain a major concern despite a relatively good road infrastructure. In Namibia, road accidents are one of the highest single causes of fatalities. According to the MVA Fund, Namibia has recorded a total of 731 fatalities in 2016 alone. The UN System took a stand to make the road a safer place.

UN Namibia pledges to #slowdown to promote road safety

In light of the Fourth United Nations Global Road Safety Week (UNGRSW), the UN System in Namibia joined the private sector in Windhoek to rally support for the “Save Lives: #SlowDown” campaign.

The Fourth UNGRSW started on 8 May and will run until 14 May 2017. It seeks to increase understanding of the dangers of speed and generate action to address this major risk for road traffic death and injury.

As part of an interactive street exhibition, the UN System set up a stand at the event alongside other stakeholders. UN Staff members as well as members of the public made pledges to #slowdown.

The UN Resident Coordinator Kiki Gbeho emphasized the importance of Road Safety Week, saying, “In Africa, road traffic accidents are one of the biggest killers, and it is the same here in Namibia. So, today is to kick off almost a year long series of events to raise awareness and to try and change behavior,” she said. Continue reading