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Prosperous Path: Cosmos High School addressed gender inequality and HIV/AIDS among young girls

Cosmos High School: Prosperous PathsEducation is the key factor for women’s empowerment, prosperity, development and welfare, and in building the self-confidence, skills and knowledge necessary to participate fully in global sustainable development.

The United Nations System in Namibia embarked on a month long journey to educate 5000 girls about gender equality and women’s empowerment, but also to motivate them to gain more knowledge about issues that affect them in order to achieve a higher status and build positive self-esteem, confidence and the necessary courage and inner strength to face challenges in life.

Education is the most powerful tool in changing the position of the girl child in society, and the ‘Prosperous Path, Leading in Vocation’ dialogue session with the learners of Cosmos High School identified the obstacles and discrimination girls face on a daily basis, leading to fruitful discussion of how to bring about change. Continue reading

Prosperous Paths: Jan Mohr learners share ways to achieve Goal #5 of the SDGs

Jan Mohr - Prosperous PathsAlcohol and substance abuse, early age sexual relations, teenage pregnancy and peer pressure are some of the issues that affect Secondary School learners across Namibia. More than 66% of the Namibian population is aged 30 and below, and if these issues are not addressed, they will continue to affect the younger generation’s academic and social lives.

Starting off the day, the Jan Möhr administration invited Pastor Chris Johnson to bless the girls before they begin with exams, and he touched on some of the issues which affect student’s academic performances and urged the students to stay away from drugs, alcohol and sexual activities. Pastor Johnson’s speech was a great ice breaker for the Prosperous Paths outreach, as it motivated the learners’ to think about problems faced by women across Namibia. Continue reading

Prosperous Paths: Windhoek Technical School Learners Share Solutions to Solve Gender Inequality

Windhoek Technical High- Prosperous PathsThe UN System in Namibia engaged with over 410 girls from Windhoek Technical School as part of ‘Prosperous Paths’, a programme that aims at empowering and educating Namibian girls. The girls were very supportive and excited to be part of the campaign, engaging in meaningful discussions regarding issues of gender inequality with the UN System staff.

Ms. Anthea Basson, the National Information Officer to Namibia, started by introducing the mandate of the United Nations and asked questions to evaluate the learners’ knowledge of the UN and its work in Namibia.

She then asked the learners the question, “What are the biggest challenges facing women and girls in Namibia, and how do we solve them? The girls impatiently awaited their turn to voice their concerns on issues affecting women and girls and they passionately shared their insight, and proposed solutions. Continue reading

Combretum Trust students learn about gender equality through Prosperous Paths Outreach

DSC_0094The United Nations System in Namibia team continued its Prosperous Paths outreach programme at Combretum Trust, a secondary level school in Windhoek, on Friday, 8 July 2016.

Anthea Basson, the National Information Officer to Namibia, started by asking Combretum Trust’s female learners a few questions about the United Nations to test their knowledge as well as to gauge their familiarity with the UN’s work in Namibia. The students stated the UN Agencies they had heard of and explained the work each agency does in Namibia. Continue reading

Prosperous Paths empowers Acadamia High School female learners and promotes gender equality

DSC_0553As part of ‘Prosperous Paths’ which aims at empowering 5,000 girls, the United Nations (UN) System in Namibia educated 600 female secondary school learners at Academia High School about gender equality and encouraged them to promote the aims of the fifth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

On Tuesday 5 July 2016, Ms. Anthea Basson, the National Information Officer to Namibia, welcomed the highly motivated crowd and introduced them to the scope and commitments of the United Nations worldwide, while also emphasizing the ultimate objectives and duties of the UN System for the Namibian society.

Throughout a short and informative slideshow, the students were educated on the United Nations efforts to “end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind.” Continue reading

“Prosperous Paths” educates Augustineum Secondary School girls about GBV in Namibia and promotes women’s empowerment

Prosperous PathsOn Friday 1 July 2016, the United Nations (UN) System in Namibia hosted the second “Prosperous Path” outreach at Augustineum Secondary School in Khomasdal, Windhoek. True to the campaign’s motto to ‘foster empowerment and education among young females in Namibia’, the event was held in front of a highly motivated audience of over 400 female students aged 12 to 18.

Ms. Kiki Gbeho, the United Nations Resident Coordinator (UNRC) in Namibia, addressed the girls on this special occasion and engaged with them in a dialogue about the work of the United Nations in Namibia, its efforts in promoting human rights and the importance of spreading the message of gender equality. Continue reading

UN System in Namibia launches “Prosperous Paths” outreach programme to empower & inspire 5000 girls

Prosperous Paths

Students from Jacob Marengo Tutorial College have been inspired to take their own #ProsperousPath.

On Wednesday, 29 June 2016, the United Nations (UN) System in Namibia launched “Prosperous Paths,” at Jacob Marengo Tutorial College in Windhoek Namibia. The programme aims at educating 5,000 secondary level female students on gender equality and women’s empowerment as well as to offer mentorship to the students through an accompanying social media campaign.

600 young girls from Jacob Marengo Tutorial College were addressed by the UN Resident Coordinator to Namibia, Ms. Kiki Gbeho at the launch. She shared her journey as a women through her career and called upon the female Namibian youth to make their voices heard and have faith in themselves to bring about change because no one is too small to step up and make a difference. The UNRC to Namibia further encouraged the girls to, “take space, be prepared and dare to be different.” Continue reading