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UNIC’s High School Practicum Programme participants encouraged to “Take space”


DSC_0663 (1)For years the United Nations (UN) has tried to involve the youth by providing them with programs, such as Model United Nations where scholars are brought to have a mock General Assembly. This encourages the youth to become aware of the different problems the world faces and how to go about them. Today we have gathered for the induction programme of the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) high school practicum.

DSC_0567On the 3rd of May 2016, 18 students from different schools gathered at the United Nations House to find out what the Practicum entails. Students were immediately brought into the programme by being given the task of finding out how many agencies are housed in the building they found themselves in. It was interesting to find out not only how many agencies are housed but also their specific mandate in bettering the lives of Namibians. A slide show was then presented to them, by Ms Anthea Basson titled: The UN matters. This gave students a clearer overview of the UN, this also added towards their general knowledge. Time was allocated to them afterwards, during which they got refreshments and interacted with each other and got the task to find out why the other participants chose to take part in this programme. Continue reading