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6th Annual Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) 2017 Conference awards best students

After two-days of insightful debating and critical thinking, the 6th Annual Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) High School conference came to a close yesterday at the Safari Court Hotel and Conference Centre.

The first day, the General Assembly, consisting of learners from across Namibia portraying delegates of various countries, discussed the topic, “Harnessing the green economy to eradicate poverty.” Four well-research resolutions were tabled and debated, however the Assembly could not reach a consensus and did not pass a resolution. On the second day, the delegates discussed, “Improving coordination in humanitarian response to natural disasters and other emergencies.” After four resolutions were tabled, the assembly passed one resolution.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, MTN Business Namibia’s Managing Director Mr. Elia Tsouros briefed the delegates on MTN Business Namibia’s footprint globally and undertook an engaging question and answer session where the confident delegates did not hesitate to raise questions. The delegates from Liberia thanked Mr.Tsouros and his team for their contribution to the success of the conference and for investing in the Namibian youth.

MTN Business Namibia has been MUNNAM’s long standing sponsor. This year, the ICT company gave out NAD 9,000 to the top performing delegates and schools represented at the conference.

The “Best School Award” went to Windhoek High School, who won the MTN Business Namibia’s “Best School, floating trophy” and NAD 3,000. The Windhoek High School delegates included, Michael Petrus, representing Germany, Christiaan Prinsloo, representing Spain, Tulipomwene Kalunduka, representing USA, Ainley Amunyela, representing the French Republic and Uzuvira Kandjavera, representing Russia.




The “Best Delegate Award”, as voted for by the participants, was awarded to Jules Van De Port from St. Paul’s College, representing South Africa at the conference. The “Best Delegate” received a trophy and NAD 1,500 from MTN Business Namibia. This was his consecutive win, as he was also voted Best Delegate by the assembly delegates during the 2016 conference.

The “Best Speaker Award”, along with NAD 1,500 was awarded to Thelma Mackinza, representing the Republic of Azerbaijan, from Delta Secondary School. The “Best Delegation Award” along with NAD 3,000 went to Rory Parker from Windhoek Gymnasium and Amalia Aihuki from Dawid Bezuidenhoudt High School.

All delegates received certificates from UNIC Windhoek’s Anthea Basson who expressed her thanks to delegates and teachers for their commitment to the programme. She especially highlighted the continued participation and support of schools from Erongo and Otjikoto regions, namely Coastal High School and Otjikoto Senior Secondary School.

The MUNNAM High School conference was a great success, and all participants thoroughly enjoyed the experience. UNIC Windhoek in partnership with MTN Business Namibia would like to thank the following schools and teachers for their participation:

Academia Secondary School, Dawid Bezuidenhoudt High School, Delta Secondary School, DHPS, Hochland High School, Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School, Jan Mohr Secondary School, Otjikoto Senior Secondary School (Tsumeb), St. Paul’s College, Windhoek Gymnasium Private School, Jakob Marengo Secondary School, Windhoek High School, Coastal High (Walvis Bay), Rocky Crest High School and Eldorado Secondary School.

*Model United Nations is a simulation of UN bodies by high school students. The role play ambassadors and represent UN member states, discussing internationally relevant topics. Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) simulates the General Assembly, and hosts an annual conference in Windhoek annually since 2012. It is an extra-curricular activity

Holocaust Remembrance at Jan Mohr

Every year the United Nations Information Centre Windhoek commemorates the International Day in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust Remembrance. The Holocaust in itself altered history tremendously and has impacted the way we view the world to this day. To create awareness and broader understanding, UNIC screened the documentary “Path to Nazi Genocide” to grade twelve learners from Jan Mohr Secondary School. As a result of the real life footage, the images and narration, sent chills down the spines of the history learners as they quietly sat back to watch the film.

Learners who attended the Holocaust screening from Jan Mohr Secondary School

Learners who attended the Holocaust screening from Jan Mohr Secondary School

The Principal of the school, Mr.Kloppers, a passionate history teacher, guided the learners through the theory of the Holocaust. The youngsters were well informed, and easily recalled concepts such as “kristallnacht, anti semitism, genocide” and other key concepts. It was clear that Mr.Kloppers had taught extensively on the subject and that there was already a level of awareness and understanding among the learners.

However, when the screening started and the narrator unpacked the various segments, the look of horror and shock could be seen on the faces of the youngsters. Michelle, the top performer in her history class said, “Reading and seeing it is two different experiences. Seeing this DVD has truly touched me, I knew the theory, but I did not fully grasp the extent…  Today, I saw things I thought were not humanly possible.”

One of the boys thanked UNIC for hosting the screening and related that this would certainly be of great assistance in their exam preparation as well. Mr.Kloppers, the school principal expressed his gratitude for the resource; he felt the DVD truly drove the message home to connect history to the hearts and minds of learners, further sensitizing them to be better future leaders.