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Sunshine Private School learns how the UN works #UN4U

The third outreach for the UN4U programme took place on 3 August 2017 at the Sunshine Private School in Windhoek.  One hundred of the   senior students at the primary school participated in UNIC Windhoek’s UN4U programme, a programme which teaches how the United Nations works for you!

The presentation included information about the history of the United Nations, the UN Charter and its significance,   UN membership, the different organs of the UN as well as the various agencies, funds and programmes which make up this international organisation. It highlighted children’s rights and the work of UNICEF in particular.It also included a section on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that are so crucial to the UN’s global mission.  The team also relayed information about the UN System in Namibia and its partnership with government structured in the United Nations Partnership Framework ( UNPAF) which highlights key pillars as the blueprint that drives the UN System in Namibia’s work towards the development agenda in Namibia.

The UN4U outreach created an opportunity for the youngsters to ask questions and engage with the team with the goal of learning more about the United Nations globally and in Namibia. The presentation is delivered in an interactive format that is relatable to students and encourages engagement through question and answer sessions. Through the use of photos, gifs, videos and statistics – the team presented the students with a holistic view of the UN System and its mandate.

The UN4U programme  complemented the school’s curriculum well and nuanced their understanding of the subject matter. UNIC provided UN Charter’s to the school which were placed in the library. In addition, a poster of the Sustainable Development Goals with a catch phrase “Shaping a world that empowers our Youth through the Sustainable Development Goals.”



UNIC Windhoek rolls out UN4U Programme for 2017

Since the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek embarked on a mission to ensure that the Namibian youth understand what the SDGs is all about and how they can be achieved over a 15-year target.

Contributing to the 2017 UN4U programme, the UNIC team visited the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) on Tuesday, 1 August 2017 to educate grade 7 learners about the UN’s work and also to learn from the them and their teachers. This marks a series of three educational outreach initiatives in the run up to UN Day, which is celebrated annually on 24 October. The programme includes an overview of the United Nations, its history, UN peacekeeping, UN agencies present in Namibia, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). An additional segment of this year’s UN4U programme placed great emphasizes on the rights of the child and their needs.

A warm welcome by the the DHPS, ethics teacher, Ms. Tahnee Horenburg and learners to the introductory lesson on the fundamentals of the United Nations.In layman terms the team explained the roles of the UN organs, such as the General Assembly’s role in deliberating current problems and policymaking, as well as the Security Council, which recognizes and responds to world threats. Furthermore, the programs, funds and specialized agencies of the UN were highlighted to show the UN’s response to different problems. The video screening segment demonstrated the UN’s peacekeeping mission in conflict resolution and peace negotiations.

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UN4U programme reaches 600 more learners

The UN4U programme is in full swing at UNIC Windhoek. The programme highlights how the United Nations works for each of us and the audience for this year is primary school pupils. On the 9th, 13th, and 14th of July 2015, UNIC Windhoek hosted the UN4U programme at A.I. Steenkamp in Katutura. Over the span of three days, the Centre managed to reach 600 pupils, teaching the programme to three groups of two hundred pupils. In the absence of a school hall, the team set up outside on a paved floor, under a shadenet ai fiveto inform excited groups of children on the important work of the UN.

The sessions were interactive and had the eager pupils involved from start to finish. Starting off with the history of the United Nations, the comprehensive presentation covered all aspects of the UN with photographs, pictures and info graphics. Learners were continuously provided the opportunity to test their own knowledge through questions posed by the UNIC team members. Continue reading

Learning more about the United Nations through our UN4U outreach programme


UN4U-logoThe UN4U programme forms an important component of the mandate of the United Nations Information Centre Windhoek in terms of advocating and raising awareness on the activities and work of the United Nations. The UNIC team had already visited a few schools, and on the final stretch to reach the targeted 2000 learners in Namibia the team set off to Gammams Primary School Windhoek on 15 July 2014.

UN4U (77)Welcomed by 200 fifth grade learners the team was excited to teach the fundamentals of the United Nations. Commencing with the ordinary order of business, UNIC team started the presentation by explaining to the learners the importance of the United Nations in Namibia as well as the world at large. It was quite humbling to see that the learners of Gammams were already well versed on some international issues, as they knew exactly who H.E. Mr. Ban Ki Moon was when one of the slides with his picture popped up.

UN4U (73)The learners were very inquisitive as well; they wanted to know how they too can work for the United Nations one day. We were very pleased to see that the presentation not only informed them about the United Nations, but also sparked up interest to become potential employees. Continue reading