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Prosperous Paths: Hage Geingob High School calls for female leadership and political representation

Prosperous Paths: Hage Geingob High SchoolFrom local to global levels, women’s leadership and political participation are restricted. Not only are women underrepresented in leading positions, they also represent the minority in civil service, in elected office positions, in the private sector and in academia. This imbalance persists despite women’s proven abilities as leaders and agents of change as well as their right to participate equally in democratic governance.

During lunch time and after a 35 km drive to the Katutura township, the UNIC Windhoek team were greeted by 600 girls at Hage Geingob High School on 25 July 2016, who excitedly awaited to partake in the United Nations (UN) System in Namibia’s ‘Prosperous Paths’ outreach programme.

The National Information Officer to Namibia, Ms. Anthea Basson, addressed the motivated crowd and engaged with them in an open dialog on how they experience gender injustice and discrimination in their daily lives. The girls impatiently awaited their turn to voice their concerns on issues affecting women and girls, and they passionately shared their insight and proposed solutions issues raised. Continue reading