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NAMBTS Staff become SDGs and social media savvy through UNCG training

Staff members of the Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia (NAMBTS), participated in an engaging training session on the importance of social media in the workplace and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on Thursday, 6 April 2017.

The training session was facilitated by the social media savvy United Nations Communications Group (UNCG) Namibia, who educated the participants on the importance of creating a ‘relationship’ in the digital media world and how social media can be used to achieve development agendas.

NAMBTS is a non-profit healthcare organization with the mandate to collect, test and issue blood products to all patients in Namibia. The organization recognized the importance of social media in reaching their target audience as well as for their employees to have the skills to create social media messages consistent with their brand and their policies. To cement this, NAMBTS solicited the help of UNCG Namibia to enlighten staff through an engaging training. Continue reading

UNCG Namibia commits to ‘Communicating as One’ at annual retreat

The United Nations Communication Group (UNCG) in Namibia discussed communication priorities and set the 2017 Work Plan at its annual retreat in Swakopmund, Namibia from 15-16 November 2016.

The annual retreat was led by the Chair of the UNCG and Head of the United Nations Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organization of the United Nations (UNESCO) Dr. Jean Pierre Ilboudo, alongside Ms. Anthea Basson serving on behalf of the UNCG Secretariat. This hands-on event included a two-day programme that covered a wide-range of communication priorities.

The purpose of this retreat was also to allow the team to build a community, to network and to begin enhancing team building and leadership skills.

The benefits in investing in the UN Namibia Communications team was evident in the following:

  • Developing and aligning strategic initiatives,
  • Strengthening skill building,
  • Increase the understanding of communication styles,
  • Increase UNCG morale by managing through relationships, relevance and measurement,
  • Generating synergy and collaboration.

Through lively discussions about the successes and challenges in communicating the work of the UN System in Namibia, the UNCG in Namibia was able to identify areas through which ‘Communicating as One’ can be improved upon.

The retreat started out with evaluations by each thematic group, namely the groups dealing with communication tools, international observances and the communication strategy.

Day One at the retreat started with an in-depth analysis of the UNCG Communication Strategy and aligning it with the United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPAF) 2014-2018. Through a joint effort, key messages were drafted in line with the four pillars of UNPAF, namely institutional environment, health, education and poverty eradication.

On Day Two of the retreat, the UNCG in Namibia identified areas through which its members would like to receive training and subsequently planned internal trainings to commence in February 2017. Each member will provide the training as a way to promote skills development amongst all the members.

This was followed by an analysis of the Terms of Reference (TORs) of the UNCG in Namibia, a discussion about engagement with the youth on the SDGs and an evaluation of the proposed budget for 2017.

Day Two came to a close with a discussion on how the UNCG in Namibia can practically implement ‘Communicating as One’ as well as the use of digital platforms to achieve this goal.

In his closing and thank you remarks, Dr. Jean Pierre Ilboudo encouraged the UNCG in Namibia members to continue with their hard work and positively contributing to communicating the work of the UN System in Namibia.