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UNIC Windhoek participates in Namibian Women’s Association Climate Change workshop for the Namibian Children’s Movement

DSC_0423The United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek took part in a climate change workshop run by the Namibian Women Association (NAWA) which was attended by the Namibian Children’s movement and other students.

Under the theme, ‘We Shall Change the World” the workshop aimed to teach students about climate change, the Paris Agreement, the impact climate change has had on Namibia as well as the importance of climate action with the hopes that the students would share the information with their respective institutions and communities and spark change.

DSC_0461UNIC Windhoek presented two hour-long PowerPoint presentations as part of the workshop, one about climate change and the other about the Paris Agreement. Enthralled by the topics, the students asked questions and shared their ideas throughout the presentations.

There were students from local schools in Windhoek as well as from the North and South of Namibia. Although the students attending the workshop came from all over the country, they were united by the passion to learn about climate change as well as the determination to make a difference. Continue reading

International Day of Happiness “Healthy Planet, Happy People”

HAPPINESS DAYIt was a sunny Friday morning in Windhoek on Friday 18 March 2016, and happiness was surely in the air for the UNIC team as they embarked on a trip to A.Shipena secondary School to host an educational learning programme on the International Day of Happiness, which was commemorated on 20 March 2016 during the Independence break.

DSC_0135A group of approximately 50 grade 12 students, dressed in cultural attire attended the presentation. The presentation was held in partnership with Think Namibia, an environmental department of the Hans Seidel Foundation (HSF). Think Namibia run an Environmental Awareness Campaign that complements the public awareness efforts of Government and civil society to promote environmental awareness and empower stakeholders to participate in climate change responses.

DSC_0096International Happiness Day is an annual observance that recognizes the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world and the importance of their recognition in public policy objectives. The International happiness day campaign for 2016 was ‘Healthy Planet Happy People’ with Red from the ANGRY birds game being the ambassador for happiness day. Continue reading

UN Secretary-General appoints Red from the Angry Birds as Honorary Ambassador for Green on the International Day of Happiness

Angry_Birds_-_Social_Graphic_-_HappinessThe United Nations encourages young people to take action on climate change and make the Angry Birds happy on the International Day of Happiness


18 March, New YorkThe United Nations today announced a campaign to encourage young people to step up their actions to address climate change and ensure sustainable and happier future for all.

The campaign is launched in partnership with the Angry Birdsthe globally renowned mobile game characters – to make a direct link between tackling climate change and people’s happiness and well-being on the occasion of the International Day ofHappiness.

The Angry Birds have entertained millions of people around the world – and now they are part of making the world a better place,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who appointed Red of the Angry Birds as an Honorary Ambassador for Green at a launch event at UN Headquarters in New York.

“We are proud to give Red a reason to go Green. There is no better way to mark theInternational Day of Happiness than to have our animated ambassador raise awareness about the importance of addressing climate change to create a safer, more sustainable and happier future for all,” Mr. Ban said.

The campaign, in partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment, the UN Development Programme and UN Foundation, asks the general public across the world to make theAngry Birds happy by taking actions on climate change and sharing their photos and commitments on social media platforms using the common hashtag#AngryBirdsHappyPlanet. By recycling, taking public transportation and conserving water, for example, individuals can share tips on how they can live sustainably and happily in their everyday lives.

As part of his ambassadorial duties, Red will go on a “virtual world tour” starting on 21 March, highlighting various ways to take climate action. His tour will take him to Paris, where countries adopted an historic agreement to address climate change in December, and will end in New York, where world leaders will sign the Paris Agreement at UN Headquarters on 22 April.

During the launch event, the voice actors from the upcoming Angry Bird movie, Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, and Maya Rudolph, and producers John Cohen and Catherine Winder gave hundreds of students gathered in the iconic UN General Assembly Hall asneak preview of the #AngryBirdsHappyPlanet campaign materials, including public service announcements created to support the campaign. They also asked the young audience for their support to the campaign by doing their part to make a difference on climate change.

For more information, please go to: http://angrybirdshappyplanet.com

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Continue reading

Learning about Climate Change & the Paris Agreement

group picOn Friday, 26 February 2016 UNIC Windhoek hosted a Climate Change and the Paris Agreement Outreach Programme at Jakob Marengo Secondary School in Katutura, Windhoek. With over 70 students accompanied by a team of teachers, the team was ready to create dialogue on a topic under discussion across the globe!

During the presentation, the UNIC Windhoek team displayed photos depicting climate change in Namibia. Grade 12 students pensively thought about the photos and were asked to define what climate change is and how it caused what was depicted in the photos.

sharing ideasThe students eagerly raised their hands and many students cited the drought, which has ravaged Namibia’s landscape for the past several years, as the cause of what they were seeing in the photos.

After this interactive discussion, the UNIC Windhoek team explained what climate change is and the science behind the Green House Effect.

cop21Through verbal explanation as well as a video depicting climate change across the globe, UNIC Windhoek explained that with the burning of fossil fuels and other human influences, there has been an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which has resulted in the Earth becoming warmer.

This has caused changes in the water cycle, weather patterns, ecosystems and global temperatures.Then, the students were asked to look at the photos again, but this time to think about the impact climate change has had on Namibia’s people and economy. The students, who have experienced climate change on a day to day basis, were eager to share how they had seen climate change impact the nation. Continue reading