What we do

UNIC Windhoek serves as a reliable source of up-to-date information about the UN. Disseminating global UN messages to local audiences, delivering information to a wide range of people, including journalists, government officials, civil society representatives, students, educators and researchers.

Communications Strategy

UNIC assist in the development and implementation of a coordinated communications strategy (UNPAF) for the UN Country Team and local UN partners, to publicize priority issues and major observances and events. UNICs adapt global UN messages to the local context through a variety of information products aimed at different regional/sub-regional and national audiences in the language(s) spoken in the area. The Centre takes a leading role on communications issues within the UN Country Team (UNCT) by convening and/or serving as the secretariat for the UN Communications Group at the country level.

Media outreach

UNICs maintain contacts with national and regional media in the country, disseminate background information and press materials to the media, place op-eds and feature articles, arrange interviews and organize press conferences and briefings.

Information Products

UNICs offer products and services such as newsletters, libraries, videos, web sites and internet facilities.UNICs work very closely with the media by providing information and training for journalists andcontributing regularly to television and radio programmes and articles in newspapers. The Centre often work with civil society in promoting a variety of issues through seminars, exhibits and other activities.

Observances and Anniversaries

UNIC also participates in observances of international days, years and decades. Commemorations take many forms and may include presentations involving national or local dignitaries, workshops, seminars,educational programmes, sporting events, and musical performances.