#WCW Wednesday Celebrate Women features Lucinda Ockhuizen Part 2

UNIC Windhoek’s #WednesdayCelebrateWomen campaign features formidable women who are making a mark in their respective industries. Last week we introduced our April feature Lucinda Ockhuizen. This week we learn more about how her journey in 3D technology started… #WCW

As a Namibian woman in 3D technology in the country; can you tell us a bit about what that entails?

In 2014, while briefly living in Australia. I came across a 3D printer at a Children’s Science Fair and I was fascinated by the potential to create something from nothing. We thought of creating similar opportunities for our son and children in Namibia. A few months after we moved back to Namibia, we purchased our first 3D printer and started creating products for family and friends. Our first product was fabricated in our kitchen – a 3D printed map of the Namibian regions.

In 2016, I was nominated and subsequently shortlisted for the prestigious African Women Awards – Dynamic Start up Award. The nomination was an honour and door opener for me. In 2017 we introduced educational tech services and programs and we are currently working on a 3D printing programme which will align with the Namibian national curriculum.

I had doubts about excelling in a Tech field, more so, in a ‘male dominated industry’.  However, my motivation was established through participating in online platforms and reading inspiring articles by other women working in the 3D printing industry. There is a wealth of female talent in the industry, coming from all walks of life, and they are all determined to succeed despite any challenges thrown in their path.

 The most interesting 3D project you have worked on?

We (in collaboration with registered professionals) have developed a prototype for low cost 3D printed prosthetics and we are also dedicated to reducing the global spare parts crisis. We are currently working on attaining funding to take this and many other projects further.

Read more about Lucinda in next week’s feature.