UNIC Windhoek participates in UN Vision 2030 and Strategic Prioritization Workshop

The current  United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPAF) which maps out the UN System’s support to the national Government of the Republic of Namibia ends next year. To understand Namibia’s development context and to develop strategic priorities for the next framework, the UN System in Namibia (UN Namibia) hosted the UN Vision 2030 and Strategic Prioritization Retreat from 13-15 November 2017 in Windhoek.

Over the three day retreat, participants gained an understanding of Namibia’s development context, developed a UN Vision 2030 towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and identified strategic outcomes and priorities for UNPAF 2.0, the next partnership framework between the UN/GRN.

UNIC Windhoek participated throughout the retreat, gaining an understanding of the trajectory of development in Namibia. As UNIC Windhoek serves as the UNCG Secretariat to the UN Communication Group, an internal mechanism aimed at enhancing the UN’s joint communication, the knowledge gained from information-sharing and discussions at the retreat will be beneficial for the UNIC in advising on communication priorities for UNPAF 2.0.