Waldorf School learners become #PeacePals

After learning about the importance of international peace, students at Waldorf School, situated on the eastern edge of Windhoek, became #PeacePals and wrote postcards of peace to learners in Indonesia on 15 August 2017.

The United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek team is aiming to reach 1,000 learners through its #PeacePals programme, and Waldorf School was the fourth of five schools that the Centre will be visiting this year.

Starting off with the presentation, approximately 70 students learned about the negative consequences of conflict on individuals, communities and countries and the different UN bodies focused on conflict resolution and the promotion of peace. The students became aware of how violence directly disrupts social life and opportunities for human prosperity after learning about the refugee crisis in Europe. Passionate about the topic, students frequently chimed in during the presentation to share their concerns with global peace.

The students then learned about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with an emphasis on SDG 16 ‘Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions’. Through learning about the different facets of peace, students were given examples of how they can promote peace in their own lives, including by using their own voices to promote peace, whether through face-to-face interaction or writing words of peace.

To kick-start promoting peace in their lives, the students wrote messages of peace on postcards to students in Jakarta, Indonesia. These postcards provided a platform for student-to-student communication about collaborative efforts towards achieving peace.

The postcards will be sent to UNIC Jakarta, which will in turn pass them on to partnering schools in Indonesia. The participating school, with the help of UNIC Jakarta, will subsequently send its respective postcards back to Namibia. The exchange emphasizes that world-wide peace can be promoted collectively across borders.

The Waldorf School learners displayed great energy throughout the presentation, reminding the UNIC Windhoek team that the youth across the globe are a key player in achieving worldwide peace. Together, with youth at the forefront, world peace can be achieved and be used as a mechanism to manifest the SDGs.