#PeacePals: Jan Mohr students share thoughts on peace

On the 13th of July 2017, the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek team visited Jan Mohr Secondary School in Windhoek to carry out the third instalment of the #PeacePals project.

The #PeacePals project is designed to increase awareness on the importance of sustainable peace by educating young adults on the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDG’s) with particular emphasis on SDG 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions).The project was initiated to start a global conversation on peace by providing students with the opportunity to share their opinion with other students across the globe.

The presentation was focused on the significance of peace as a prerequisite for the alleviation of most humanitarian crises we’re faced with today as well as the different UN bodies focused on conflict resolution. Particular emphasis was placed on the tragic consequences that resulted from wars and genocides in different countries around the world by highlighting the refugee crisis in Europe. 

In an effort to create a relatable student-to-student platform for communicating innovative ideas and concerns as part of informative learning, the students were handed postcards on which they wrote letters to students in Jakarta. The letters are based on the student’s opinions on what the main reasons for conflict are today, how they as individuals can contribute to world peace and what they think the United Nations and other organisations should do to contribute to world peace.

The students of Jan Mohr Secondary School inspired the UNIC team to continue with projects of a similar nature, as their response to the project was overwhelmingly positive. The students were eager to learn more about the workings of the UN and thrilled to be a part of the project. After the presentation, they engaged the UNIC team in a very intellectual conversation on the United Nations’ methods of conflict resolution.

The post cards will be forwarded to UNIC Jakarta, who will then forward them to the partnering school. In exchange, UNIC Windhoek will be receiving postcards from UNIC Jakarta who will collect postcards from the partnering school. The exchange motivates collaborative efforts towards the realisation of mutual goals across borders.

UNIC Namibia advocates for collaborative projects that educate students across the globe on humanitarian issues faced in other countries. Therefore, UNIC Windhoek encourages the continuation of the #PeacePals project in order to strengthen the interconnectedness of students worldwide on views that would contribute to the well-being of nations facing great tragedy while simultaneously revitalizing the significance of peace.