Practicum students zoom in on: Youth Empowerment and Development

Youth Empowerment and Development is a process where children and young people from 16 -35 are encouraged to take charge of their lives and provide the youth with possibility’s and options to do so. An important aspect to achieve the empowerment of the youth is to make them believe in themselves to have an impact on their self-consciousness, thoughts, beliefs, values and their attitude. To actively empower themselves the youth could e.g. participate in the problem solving progresses in their community’s.


The day started with a motivational and encouraging speech from Mr. Mandela Kapere, from The National Youth Council. We were impressed to find out that he participated in the writing of the African Youth Charter of the African Union. He mostly focused on the Youth Empowerment and Development.

Mr. Kapere mentioned a few important issues and solutions to improve the lifestyle of the youth. He mentioned that education is absolutely necessary to guarantee welfare of the youth through training that the government offers to the youth to try and better their future. The National Youth Council’s goal is to help woman, mainly from the rural areas so they too can have better opportunities in life. The council also focuses on helping children with disabilities to learn to be independent and get equal opportunities. He further emphasized that sexuality is a problem amongst the youth and the community at large and in order for the youth to tackle these issues, the youth should be encouraged to uplift each other and not judge one another.

This takes us back to the SDG 10 that tries to encourage the reduction of inequalities. The National Youth Council also credits young entrepreneurs in starting their own businesses. He also mentioned that the young people are becoming vulnerable to jobs that do not enhance their talents and that they are exposed to bad working conditions. The National Youth Council aims to create more jobs in the techno industry and to try to eliminate obstacles that hinder the youth development and empowerment.

Then we had our second guest speaker the deputy mayor, Alonushka Belokon who was representing the Junior Council. She enlightened us about the Junior Council and its duties, how the Junior Council uses the youth to try to bring forth a change in the community. This further launched questions among the team and created a platform that gave the team the importance of youth participation in the community.

The team was divided into four groups and in each group had to write an article on how to approach certain groups like teachers, government, students and parents on youth empowerment and development. We are encouraging the youth out there to be the change they want to see in the world and encourage youth Empowerment and Development to bring fourth a change.