A Day in Her Shoes: #WCW Nesindano (Nunu) Namises

As part of our on-going Wednesday Celebrate Women Campaign, a campaign pioneered by the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek to celebrate inspiring women making a difference within Namibia, UNIC Windhoek got to know writer, poet, singer, mother and our #WCW for the month of April,  Nesindano Namises (Nunu).

Nunu, an avid artist with a love for writing, singing, and poetry asserts that, “It’s all put me exactly where I need to be so that I finally understand where I need to go. I think my career achievements are soon to peak, I’m not there yet, but I know that my work as a mother has proven more successful than my work as an artist.”

Nunu derives inspiration from her wealth of role models, her parents, poets’ musicians and little children who express themselves without fear of being disciplined. “I am often motivated by the immense progress we have made as people. The resilience, strength and oomph of the women gives me an incredible amount of life,” relays Nunu.

Being a career woman and mother can be challenging at times, both responsibilities demand ample attention. When asked how she balances work and being a mother Nunu’s response was, “I have to breathe a lot. It’s about prioritising, I guess. I’m still figuring out how it’s done, but I’m sure I’ll get there.”

Nunu appreciates the support she receives from her children. “They are a great help because they enjoy being around me when I do what I do, many times I am reminded that it is worth hearing them out, because if I know what they need, balancing comes naturally,” she says.

As a performer, Nunu has performed at copious events, her favourite being a dinner the First Lady of Namibia (FLON) hosted with Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur (known as Ghana’s Second Lady) where she was invited to recite some of her poetry.

“I remember feeling so relieved and excited that one of our leaders had actually shown such a keen interest in poetry in this country,” says Nunu.

After a long day’s work Nunu enjoys watching Namibian sunsets. “If I’m not at home spending time with my children who are such wonderful company, then I’m with my ‘people’ making art or talking about how we want to make this world a better place through activism and dreams. Cooking is one of my favourite ways to unwind,” she says.