UNIC Windhoek officially launches Model United Nations UNAM

Press Release

Windhoek, 5 March 2017: Today the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek in collaboration with the University of Namibia (UNAM) launched the Model United Nations programme at tertiary level. UNAM’s Model UN Society Executive Team and group members gathered at the UN House in Windhoek dressed in their diplomatic attire to signal the official start of the programme.

UNIC Windhoek will provide ongoing technical support to the UNAM Model UN Society and ensure that the Model UN programme at tertiary level will remain on par with its worldwide counterparts. UNIC Windhoek handed over an official banner and a gavel to the society at the launch event to kick-start the programme.

Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM), is an extra-curricular educational activity in which students typically simulate different organs of the UN such as the General Assembly. The delegates tackle pressing world issues, debate, lobby and craft UN resolutions. This prestigious programme runs at schools and universities across the world and is spearheaded by UNIC Windhoek in Namibia, since 2011. Since inception of the programme at high school level, there has been a great demand for students to continue at tertiary level, which is one of the reasons why UNIC Windhoek is pleased to support the UNAM Society.

The MUN programme is instrumental in developing students’ debating, public speaking, critical thinking and writing skills. The programme has been very successful to date, delivering leaders and well versed young people ready to amplify their voices on issues affecting young people across the world.

Speaking at the official launch, UNIC Windhoek’s Head of Office, Anthea Basson noted that, “Model UN is one of our flagship youth engagement programmes and has created an important platform for young people in Namibia to find a voice and amplify their voices about matters that concern the future.”

The Executive Branch of the UNAM Model UN Society comprises of: Helena Kandjumbwa-President, Victoria Absalom- Vice President, Geanethe Haikali- Secretary, Marketing Coordinator-Donald Khariseb, Victor Shivolo- Treasurer and lastly Keanu Baily as the First Year Representative. The Executive Branch is the group of leaders that students in the society will have to look up to for guidance.

Closing the session the President of the Society, Helena Kandjumbwa said that, “Model United Nations UNAM will be operating under the auspices of the United Nations Information Centre Windhoek, as an umbrella body from under which we will draw guidance, assistance and advice.”


Issued by:
United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) – Windhoek