Young diplomats in the making – Model UN Namibia training

The Model UN programme presents an exciting opportunity for high school students to learn more about the United Nations and the world of diplomacy.  With active Model UN clubs at various high schools in the Khomas, Erongo and Otjikoto Region, UNIC offers ongoing support through training and mock simulations to expose students to all aspects of the programme and create awareness around topical international issues and international UN observances.

With the annual conference scheduled 7-8 June this year, any Model UN delegate will agree, that preparation is key! Thus UNIC Windhoek facilitated a two – day training workshop at the UN House from 29-30 March for high school students in the Khomas Region.

The team welcomed a vibrant group of 65 teenagers from  WHS,Highline, Jakob Marenga, Jan Mohr, Dawid Bezuidenhoudt, Academia & Immanuel Shifidi as well as one of the coordinating teachers.

It was an insightful workshop, with a vast number of delegates attending a training and being exposed to the programme for the first time.The training was structured to present the basics and most essential components of Model UN. It equipped the students to continue running mock simulations during their club meetings at school, and also offered a good training ground for the conference in June.

The students selected a topic ” eradicating poverty” and were guided through opening speeches, position papers, resolution writing etc. using this topic as the reference point. They were divided in groups representing countries and learnt how to collaborate, negotiate and navigate through different country policies, set aside personal convictions to provide amicable solutions for member states.

The group truly impressed the UNIC team, showcasing the markings of young diplomats in the making. They expertly relayed technical country policies and offered creative solutions, often collaborating in and outside regional blocs. The students were very serious and deliberated with confidence, at times, the team forgot that the students are in high school as discussions were truly an intellectual meeting of great minds!

UNIC Windhoek would like to thank all the students who attended, as well as their parents, teachers and principals for their support.

29-30 March 2017