#UnitedwithUNNamibia SDG Countdown to World Humanitarian Day

SDGs 1- #UnitedwithUNNamibiaIn commemoration of World Humanitarian Day, the UN System in Namibia will work towards highlighting the importance of humanitarian work by generating publicity and awareness through the use of mass communication, namely social media, print media and broadcast media.

Most importantly, to motivate continued humanitarian work in Namibia, both from stakeholders as well as the broader public, UNIC Windhoek will implement a social media campaign for UN Namibia which highlights the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each day, one SDG will be featured with the aim of educating the public about pertinent issues facing Namibia and how sustainable development can be achieved. The campaign will also encourage the public to work towards sustainability on a personal level by being #UnitedwithUNNamibia.

SDGs 2 - #UnitedwithUNNamibiaIn light of World Humanitarian Day, UNIC Windhoek will also release a joint statement on behalf of the UN System in Namibia, with a specific focus on the impact the drought has had on Namibia and the efforts being put in place to mitigate the effects of it. This article will feature information as well as interesting lift-out quotes from the UN Heads of Agencies in Namibia.

The drought and its impact on the lives of people across the country will also be shared with the broader Namibian public through broadcast-radio interviews. UN Heads of Agencies in Namibia will use this platform to continue emphasizing the importance of helping others, especially in times of disasters, as well as to call on more individuals to join the UN in humanitarian work and in achieving the SDGs.

SDGs 3 - #UnitedwithUNNamibiaThe 17 day run up to 19 August was kicked off on August 2, and campaign graphics will be released each day through 18 August. On World Humanitarian Day, social media posts will highlight the drought. The images showcased in this article are a few of the informative graphics that will be featured throughout the countdown on the digital platforms of the UN in Namibia, namely Facebook (UN Namibia), Twitter and Instagram (@UNNamibia).

World Humanitarian Day, commemorated each year on 19 August, is ‘a time to recognize those who face danger and adversity in order to help others’ as well as ‘an opportunity to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the globe’ (United Nations, World Humanitarian Day site).