NDF student officers learn about the United Nations

NDF student officers take notes throughout the presentation.Through an outreach activity, the UN system in Namibia brings National Defense Force (NDF) student officers into the classroom and gives accessible and informative 45-minute presentations on the role and objects of the United Nations.

The annual teaching is designed to enhance the knowledge, understanding and purpose of the United Nations.

For the past four years and with the collaboration of Ministry of Defence, the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek has reached more than a 100 cadets through this partnership and educational programme.

Following the presentation, the student officers asked insightful questions.

The presentation was part of NDF’s Junior Staff Course No. 10/2016, which is offered at the Namibia Command and Staff College, Karibib. The National Defence Force Academy is the Joint Services Academy of the Ministry of Defence, where cadets of the three services, the Army, the Navy and the Police, train together before they go on to pre-commissioning training in their respective service.

Anthea Basson, the National Information Officer to Namibia, concluded the teaching with the student officers of the National Defense Force (NDF) on 30 June 2016. After the insightful briefing session and note taking, the officers engaged in a Q&A session with Basson about the role and aims of the UN globally and UN in Namibia.

UNIC Windhoek also enriched their learning by sharing the UN Charter and Universal Declaration with the group of students.