Mother Earth, Climate Change and the Paris Agreement

DSC_0920Earth’s climate is changing? Increasing evidence shows that human activities will make a significant contribution in combatting climate change.

On 5-6 May 2016, UNIC Windhoek’s high school practicum session helped students understand climate change, its impacts and provide solutions and prepares them to take an active role in making good choices for both society and the environment, particularly in Namibia. The scholastic session also provided a briefing on the legally binding and universal agreement on climate, the Paris Agreement.

The detailed lesson plan examined evidence of different climate change effects on the world with a general focus on Namibia.

DSC_0754In order to gain an even deeper insight into the subject area, the students were divided into four groups to present about sub themes on climate change in Namibia. Discussions and practical work revolved around research, the development of creative educational presentations about desertification, severe climate variability and challenges to the Namibia agricultural sector.

DSC_0843The participants brought to light very informative posters explaining the underlined human causes, climatic variations solutions and narrating of poems. All groups succeeded in communicating their individual message by providing personal testimonials on how climate change and the current drought of Namibia affected them personally, the Namibian people and eventually all mankind.

DSC_0864In conclusion, the students were introduced to the Paris Agreement, an historical agreement signed on April 22nd, 2016 which brought together 196 world leaders to take action against climate change. 175 countries signed and agreed to take action towards combating climate change and another 15 countries ratified the undersigned Paris agreement. The group learned that the three pillars on which the contract stands include Ambition, Adaptation and Finance. Their main aim is to keep the global average temperature from raising above two degrees Celsius. However many more goals and targets have also been decided upon, promising a more sustainable and environmentally responsible development in the future.

DSC_0890To comprehend the importance of climate change each group had to design a poster that outlines their own ‘Paris Agreement’. On the poster they had to display images, provide a climate action plan and things they promise to do to combat climate change.  This was presented to the class audience followed by a inter dialogue session.