Coaching the Model UN Namibia team of Windhoek Gymnasium Secondary School

IMG_1265UNIC Windhoek is always seeking ways to make preparing for Model UN Namibia (MUNNAM) Conferences easier and help MUN delegates to be more efficient, thus providing students with a number of resources to lead others, club leaders and individuals in their preparation for upcoming MUNNAM conference.

On Wednesday, 2 March, the Centre added yet another active group of students from Windhoek Gymnasium Secondary School to our pool of MUN clubs.

Our detailed lesson plan involved meeting new students, introducing them to the curricula on MUN teaching and engaging in role playing of the substantive procedural issues of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

IMG_1250The students eagerly introduced themselves and shared with their fellow delegates why they decided to join Model UN. Following a brief introduction on what Model UN is all about, the team did an ice breaker activity. Students received a map of Europe, and were tasked to fill in the blank spaces of the countries. It was a fun activity to see how many could identify countries in Europe and provided an important lesson for geographic orientation as a requirement when representing a country.

IMG_1251To demonstrate a typical Model UN simulation, the team facilitated a practice session and allocated countries to all the delegates. On the topic of free education, the delegates compiled simple position papers and practiced their speeches, using their placards, opening the speakers list and asking questions. The group was small, and comprised of previous delegates as well as new MUNers, eager to learn more about the UN and in preparation of UNIC Windhoek’s annual Model United Nations Namibia High School Conference.