UNIC Windhoek creates #ParisAgreement #Means4Me video

The UNIC Windhoek team created a video about what the Paris Agreement means to them.

The historic Paris Agreement, which was drafted at COP21, is an agreement between 195 nations to fight climate change that will be signed on 22 April this year. Through the agreement, nations will work to mitigate and adapt to climate change in order to move towards a sustainable future.

This video is part of an initiative run by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). People from around the globe were encouraged to share thoughts about the Paris Agreement using the hashtags #ParisAgreement and #Means4Me.

“The Paris Agreement can only be successful if everyone fully supports it and helps bring it to life- from national, regional and local leaders; from investors and businesses to citizens who desire to live in a safe and prosperous world, and who want to actively shape that world” UNFCCC said in its UN Climate Change newsroom regarding the initiative.

UNFCCC will be compiling and sharing videos via social media and its newsroom. If you would like to see UNIC Windhoek’s Paris Agreement video, UNFCCC retweeted @unicwindhoek’s tweet with a link to the video. The video was also cross-posted on UNIC Windhoek’s YouTube (United Nations Information Centre Windhoek), Facebook (United Nations Information Centre Windhoek) Instagram (@unicwindhoek) and UNIC Website.

UNIC Windhoek is excited about what the Paris Agreement will bring, and encourages people to make and share his or her own video about what the “#ParisAgreement #Means4Me.” Let’s create dialogue and share what this landmark document will mean to the world!