First Model UN training session at DHPS

dhps first sessionThe first Model United Nations Training session kicked off with the DHPS students on the 18th of February, after school. The UNIC team were welcomed by an overwhelming number of new participants all eager to find out more about the programme. Introductions were the order of the day, and the main focus of the first session was providing information and creating opportunities for the new and old delegates to take the first steps in public speaking. A short overview of the Model United Nations programme followed highlighting the annual conference and expectations student delegates.

dhps sessionThe UNIC team facilitated the entire session, and started the group off with a short discussion on free education in Namibia. This is a topic which all the students are aware of and could start sharing opinions and facts. The aim of the exercise was to create an environment where the newbies and the existing Model UN delegates feel comfortable to express their opinions and ask one another questions.

The students raised interesting and thought provoking points, all managing to speak and deliver to their fellow students in a diplomatic and systematic manner. With the first session done and dusted, the students look forward to the next session where they will learn and put into practice the rules of procedure and actually represent countries in a mini practice session.

The bright students brought forth some salient points, sighting mismanagement of resources, corruption and the wide economic divide between the poor and the rich as some of the factors that may impede the prospect of free education to actually materialize.