First Model UN training at St.Paul’s a fun learning experience

st pauls sessionModel United Nations is a simulation of UN organs by students. Students “step into the shoes” of diplomats and engage in discussions, negotiating, lobbying for support and getting their positions across and finally crafting resolutions. UNIC Windhoek spearheads the Model United Nations Namibia programme for high school students and hosts an annual conference. UNIC Windhoek facilitates training to high schools in Windhoek, and help the schools start up MUN Clubs.

group photo st paulsModel UN season has kicked off and is in full swing, and the first training session at St Paul’s College was attended by two UNIC team members on 24th of February after school. The MUN Club was already seated and well into their introductions. The UNIC team introduced themselves last of all, and also presented a short verbal piece on what MUN is, and what the newbies to the club can expect.

DSC_0035The young leaders of the local club did their part in presenting all the rules and regulations required at a complete MUN conference with extreme gusto and conviction. MUN veteran Nils Schuler, who has been part of the programme since inception, gave over his seat as MUN president of St Paul’s College to both Katrien Wassenaar and Jules van de Poort.

DSC_0016The inaugural meeting was chaired by Katiren Wassenar, an MUN participant in her second year at Model UN. The Assembly was constantly under control until the delegate of North Korea opened their position paper by uttering the words, “North Korea is best Korea.” The assembly however quickly regained its composure. The delegate of North Korea, Rauana Murangi, continued with his passion throughout his speech and his points of information. The raw recruits were given a sample of every type of MUN delegate as speeches ran long, short, breached protocol, and were riddled with faults of logic.

The new delegates surprised the UNIC team with their avid participation in every position papers conception, and their enraptured listening during the presentations. With more than twenty members in attendance, the St Paul’s Model UN club is one of the largest clubs, with teacher support and very active student engagement. New members are mentored by the existing club members and there is a high level of commitment to research and protocol.