UN4U programme reaches 600 more learners

The UN4U programme is in full swing at UNIC Windhoek. The programme highlights how the United Nations works for each of us and the audience for this year is primary school pupils. On the 9th, 13th, and 14th of July 2015, UNIC Windhoek hosted the UN4U programme at A.I. Steenkamp in Katutura. Over the span of three days, the Centre managed to reach 600 pupils, teaching the programme to three groups of two hundred pupils. In the absence of a school hall, the team set up outside on a paved floor, under a shadenet ai fiveto inform excited groups of children on the important work of the UN.

The sessions were interactive and had the eager pupils involved from start to finish. Starting off with the history of the United Nations, the comprehensive presentation covered all aspects of the UN with photographs, pictures and info graphics. Learners were continuously provided the opportunity to test their own knowledge through questions posed by the UNIC team members.

To emphasize the cultural diversity and global reach of the organization, the pupils were shown photographs of the UN headquarters in New York and they were led through structures and functions of the relevant organs. The one photograph clearly showed the Namibian flag in full view, blowing in the wind alongside all the other member states represented at the UN. The learners were touched to see their nation’s flag and a sense of pride was expressed by many.

ai threeThe Security Council was a point of particular interest to the groups, its structure and functions also brought about some interesting questions. Toward the end of the presentation a message by the Secretary General was delivered to the groups, this truly had a personal effect on the learners. The message encouraged each learner to take part in selfless acts and in so doing contribute towards humanity and the greater good…

ai fourQuestion and answer sessions were a high point throughout the presentation as correct answers were rewarded with a small gift of a lollipop. The learners were genuinely engaged and enjoyed the somewhat unconventional approach to learning. The teachers were very appreciative of the UNIC team, admitting that the learners were not the only ones who had learned something new! Another proud outreach for the UNIC team indeed!