Climate Change Conference in Windhoek

A Conference on the COP 21/CMP11, The Alliance of Paris on Climate Change was held on 23 June 2015 in Windhoek under the theme: “Addressing the challenge of climate change and enabling to contain global warming below 2 degrees Celsius and to adapt our societies to impacts and foster low carbon development.”

Mr. Stẻphane Gompertz, the French Ambassador on Climate Change for Africa and Indian Ocean addressed the conference in terms of “Fighting climate change: a mix of diplomacy, politics, science, innovation and finance components – at a global level including national strategies.”

IMG_climate change_bandoraThe United Nations Resident Coordinator in Namibia, Mr.Musinga Bandora addressed the conference, where he strongly noted that “if ever there was an issue that requires unity of purpose, it is climate change.” The conference speakers included a host of experts locally and regionally on the issue of climate change, with discussions on the great expectations of the COP21 conference at global level and at France’s level as a Conference Chair but also at the Namibian level.

This insightful evening was well attended by the public, media and diplomatic missions, where the United Nations Information Centre Windhoek’s Anthea Basson accompanied the UNRC in Namibia and liaised with the media and stakeholders. Mr. Musinga Bandora called upon Namibians to obtain a copy of the “Vulnerability and Adaption Assessment” to familiarize themselves with the projected impacts of Climate Change on the country. He concluded saying “Citizens around the world are demanding an agreement and demanding action. I urge you to join them as Namibia would be one of the hardest hit countries if the globe becomes just two degrees Celsius warmer.