UN4U programme presented at A.I. Steenkamp

ai steenkamp 2UNIC Windhoek officially started running the UN4U programme for 2014, with the Centre’s mission to reach at least two thousand youth to raise awareness on how the United Nations works for each of us.

On the 2nd of July 2014, the UNIC team visited A.I. Steenkamp Primary School in Katutura, where 200 children were eagerly awaiting on what the UNIC team intended to share with them! The presentation started off with the basic facts about the United Nations and how its establishment came about. It was particularly interesting to notice how receptive the children were to the information as they paid careful attention throughout the power point presentation.

As the presentation was in progress, the learners were murmuring among themselves, pointing towards the screen, looking at the pictures of how one of the UN agencies (UNHCR) helps a great amount of people all over the world by assisting them with shelter, food etc. The children were quite impressed to see what an impact the UN has on the world. Key agencies that significantly stood out for them were UNICEF and UNAIDS, as most of the learners could easily identify these agencies as well as what they do particularly in the Namibian communities.

The learners of A.I. Steenkamp are aware of the fact that many children around the world are under oppression and there is a great violation of their human rights, the youngsters applauded UNICEF for all its efforts, after the team led them through an explanation of what the agency’s responsibilities are. They also applauded UNAIDS for their magnificent contribution towards the deceleration of HIV/AIDS statistics in Namibia, after having explained to them that the HIV/AIDS statistics has decreased to about 50% in the last 10years in Namibia, all because of the efforts and action plans put in place by UNAIDS.

UN4U-logoThe questions from this group of youngsters were impressive, and ranged from how the UN is funded, how permanent members of the security council are selected as well as how the UN in Namibia operates nationally. Each UN4U presentation is significantly different, as each audience has different questions and interests. This is one of the reasons why the UN4U programme takes on a unique character at each school!

ai steenkamp 3The learners and teachers alike thanked UNIC for coming to share the information with them. The A.I. Steenkamp learners each received a blue water bottle with the UN emblem and United Nations Information Centre inscribed onto it as a reminder each time they use it, to reflect on how the United Nations works for each of them!