MUNNAM 2014 delegation selected for Cape Town!

IMG_0260The UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Musinga Bandora made an exciting announcement at this year’s Model United Nations Namibia High School Conference. Following an invitation from UNIC Pretoria requesting a delegation to attend a high school Model United Nations Conference in October 2014, the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office dug deep into his pockets to offer support to a Namibian delegation!

Ms. Anthea Basson made a formal announcement at the start of the conference on the intentions of the RCO’s office to support a delegation and established the selection criteria. This announcement certainly heightened the competitive spirit and encouraged delegates to deliver their utmost best!

A delegation of four participants was selected comprising of:

  1. The best female speaker ( this was a unique category established for the Cape Town delegation selection, to empower woman and ensure equal representation)
  2. The best delegation
  3. The best speaker

The winning Namibian delegation to Cape Town comprised of the following students:

Eerike Kahamundu (Jan Möhr Secondary School), Bianca Mungunda (Windhoek Gymnasium), Martha Frans (Hochland High School) and Rachel Nghimulitete (David Bezuidenhoudt Secondary School).

IMG_0249UNIC Windhoek along with the Resident Coordinator’s Office would like to congratulate the Namibian delegation and wish them the best of luck!! The Head of UNIC Ms. Anthea Basson was very excited to announce the winners, “after three years of hard work and passion we have poured into the MUNNAM programme, we will now be able to send a delegation to South Africa, it is indeed a proud moment for UNIC Windhoek. Over the past three years we have seen youngsters transform into mature youth ambassadors with a strong desire to make a contribution to their country’s development. The UNIC team realize that Model UN is so much more than the formal language, the business attire, the intensive debates and deliberations – it establishes connections between students that would never have been established and creates a platform for youngsters to peel away at their potential and grow as human beings. Bringing together students from advantaged and disadvantaged backgrounds to one platform – where they stand united no matter their socio economic backgrounds and watching human connections form – make us proud to run this programme in Namibia!”