UNIC expands MUNNAM programme to coastal towns

UNIC Windhoek – From the 22nd-25th August, the centre visited 6 high schools within the Erongo Region, in the towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. This educational outreach initiative allowed colleagues to present the Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) Programme to the learners to ensure their participation in the 2014 conference and more importantly to become part of the MUNNAM family.

The introductory programme started on 22ndJuly, visiting De Duine Secondary School, Kuisebmund Secondary School and Walvis Bay Private High School in Walvis Bay.  The afternoon training sessions brought together 45 learners from the aforementioned schools, which allowed the UNIC Windhoek team to embark on an intensive Model United Nations training session at the De Duine Secondary School Hall.The interactive teaching engagement was done through role play, video clips and quizzes about the United Nations.


Walvis Bay delegates proudly pictured with their country placards.

The Model United Nations vocabulary and rules of procedure, sounded odd at first but the learners were eager to learn and surprisingly adopted it very quickly. This was quite evident during their first hands-on training “mock” session on the topic “whether education should be free”. The two day training session also made provision for more practical group work on the essentials of MUN documents which included the purpose of a Position Paper and Resolution writing. The training session in Walvis Bay come to an end with the passing of two resolutions.

The bright and eager Walvis Bay learners had the following to say about the Model UN programme:  “I’ve learned so much during these two days and I made many new friends.”

On the 24th July, UNIC visited three schools in Swakopmund to gauge interest and pitch the MUNNAM programme at: Coastal High School, Namib High School and the Private School Swakopmund.  After successfully recruiting delegates, the same training programme was held at Coastal High School hall from 24 – 25 July. Subsequently, the Model UN training confirmed our impression that the Erongo region would bring some spice to the upcoming conference in 2014.

In order to help the learners to continue with Model UN and to form clubs at their respective schools, UNIC Windhoek deemed it necessary to offer a comprehensive teachers training workshop at Alte Brucke Conference Centre on 25th July in Swakopmund. Six teachers representing their schools in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay Schools attended attentively learnt the rules of procedures, vocabulary and were even guided through a mini session to enable them to chair MUN sessions. The principals and teachers welcomed the programme and were very excited to start the implementation.


Swakop and Walvis Bay teachers along with UNIC team hold their placards to show they are certified MUN members.

In addition, the teachers were equipped with an information kit which includes the basics in organizing and sustaining their club sessions. The teachers were encouraged to join hands with UNIC to celebrate international commemorations, a gesture which certainly got the teachers excited to offer learners additional information and learning opportunities alongside the curriculum.



UNIC left Swakopmund and Walvis Bay with a feeling of gratification that the MUNNAM programme would continue with enthusiasm. UNIC envisage returning in August to host a small “mock” simulation with the delegates from Swakopmund and Walvis Bay combined.