UNIC Windhoek hosts successful Model United Nations High School Conference

UNIC Windhoek successfully hosted the second Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) Conference for High School learners in the capital city, Windhoek. The two-day conference took place from the 21-22 June 2013 at the UN House in Windhoek and welcomed 150 High School learners from 20 different schools as delegates of the simulated General Assembly.

Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) General Assembly in session

Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) General Assembly in session


This year UNIC Windhoek extended the MUNNAM programme to the hardap region in Namibia, with the active participation of three schools from Rehoboth. In addition, UNIC also invited two schools from the Otjikoto region. Two schools from Tsumeb travelled all the way to Windhoek to participate. This year’s participants came from the Khomas, Hardap and Otjikoto region respectively. A paired delegation acted as diplomats of their allocated country, representing the views and policies of their designated country, the learners bravely walked in the shoes of their countries to discuss and debate, and finally draft a resolution on the topic “How can Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) be used to provide sustainable development to the least developed countries?”Learners with different beliefs and opinions, allies and adversaries held heated, yet outstanding discussions to finally conclude and write a common resolution.

The learners highlighted the importance of ICTs for development. During the debate of the MUNNAM General Assembly, the committee reached a simple majority to pass the resolution titled: “Develop Africa Today; Develop the World Tomorrow”, which emphasized the need to focus on using technologies to develop sub-Saharan Africa first. Thereby, developed countries are encouraged to invest in order to   establish knowledge and provide education with regards to ICT. This would then lead to sustainable development in the least developed countries. The conference provided a great learning platform for all participants and brought learners from different regions and schools together to find solutions for international problems. The Model United Nations is not only a platform for debating issues of the world, but unifies the youth and future generation of Namibia. Delegates put on their distinct business attire and mingled over cookies and coffee to try and bridge the ICT gap in developing and developed countries.

UNIC Windhoek received additional support through sponsorship from the Communications Regulatory Authority Namibia (CRAN) and MTN Business for the 2013 MUNNAM High School Conference in Namibia. CRAN and MTN Business had tricks up their sleeves to motivate and to amplify the unforgettable, life changing experience for the learners with additional cash prizes, a tablet and headsets, learners were thus very motivated to deliver their utmost best at the conference. All learners that participated were encouraged to continue on the great path they had paved thus far and were inspired to achieve greater things in life by protecting their dreams and remaining steadfast in pursuit of their goals.


Best Delegate – JuDon Kondunda (Windhoek Gymn.) representing DRC receives award from Anthea Basson (UNIC)

Best Delegate – JuDon Kondunda (Windhoek Gymn.) representing DRC receives trophy from Anthea Basson (UNIC)

“I really appreciated being part of MUN and was grateful to be part of a delegation that had one of the greatest responsibilities during the conference. I enjoyed meeting new people and debating from a perspective that I’m not quite used to. I also think that the idea of the double delegation was a good idea as it helped the delegates support each other. We were able to achieve great things together and enjoyed another unforgettable conference”. Aidan Strauss, DHPS, age 17, grade 12, Delegate of USA