Word Humanitarian Day

Windhoek – World Humanitarian Day was commemorated internationally on 19 August 2012.  The day honours those who have lost their lives in humanitarian service and those who continue to bring assistance and relief to millions. 

globe-pin-1024x444UNIC (United Nations Information Centre) Windhoek created awareness around the “I was Here” campaign via social media channels as well as a short slot in the local news bulletin. The campaign aim was to encourage Namibians to make their mark by doing something good for someone else. In addition, UNIC joined hands with the local television station to do a news feature on World Humanitarian Day in Namibia; the acting RC representative delivered a short address with a call to action for Namibians to get involved.  A follow up video clip of Ban Ki Moon’s address on World Humanitarian Day was also screened. The week of the 13th of August featured WHD prominently in the media.
Link to the video: