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Model UN exhibition at St.Paul’s Extra Curricular Fair

prospective munersOn the 28th of January 2016 St Paul’s College in Windhoek held an Extramural Fair. The Extramural Fair is an annual initiative of the school to host information exhibitions on the available extra-curricular activities on offer at the school.

 The St. Paul’s Model UN Club in collaboration with the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek set up an exhibit to promote the prestigious international learning programme. UNIC Windhoek supported the MUN Club by providing banners, information materials and branded promotional items to be disseminated to potential candidates. Former delegates and an intern of the Centre remained on standby to answer questions to the soon-to-be Model UN Namibia (MUNNAM) delegates. Continue reading

Walking in the shoes of a legend, Nelson Mandela Day 2015

book winnersOn July 15th, Windhoek’s United Nations Information Centre team paid a visit to the Holy Cross Convent Primary School to commemorate Nelson Mandela International Day. The Centre decided to commemorate this year’s celebration under the title “walking in the shoes of a legend.”

The day comprised of a compelling a presentation about the life and work of the late Nelson Mandela, followed by a creative activity that allowed the learners at Holy Cross to decorate their own shoes. Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated annually on July 18th, the day when the first democratically elected president of South Africa was born in 1918. Continue reading


yoga_picOn June 21st, the first ever international day of yoga was celebrated in the nation’s capital, Windhoek. The local yoga celebration was only one of a series of events held all over the world to commemorate this ancient exercise after June 21st was declared the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations in December of last year. The day began with an educational presentation at the University of Namibia and continued in the Parliament Gardens, where over 50 supporters of yoga gathered to exercise. Continue reading

Extracurricular Activities Fair at St Paul’s College Windhoek

The 29thof January was an exciting day for St.Paul’s College Windhoek students, as the Extra-curricular activity fair held for the students showcased a plethora of after-school activities, ranging from educational to community service. As of 2014, it became compulsory for all students to participate in at least one extra mural activity. Hundreds of students roamed the activities fair hall, to identify an activity they would enjoy for 2014.

Happy students leave with a UNIC waterbottle and information about the UN and MUN programme

Happy students leave with a UNIC waterbottle and information about the UN and MUN programme

One activity that was exceptionally popular with the students was the Model United Nations Namibia programme (MUNNAM). The MUN Club members at the school, set up an exhibition table comprising of UN material and banners. The club was supported by the United Nations Information Centre Windhoek. The set up was spearheaded by MUN Club member Lars Schuler, who coordinated and ensured active support from the UNIC team. Continue reading

Communicating Humanitarian & Disaster Risk Management

On the 6 – 7 November 2013, a roundtable presentation and in depth discussion was held on Humanitarian and disaster risk reduction activities by the various agencies in Windhoek. UNESCO was the lead agency in the initiative; the theme of the roundtable discussion was “Communicating humanitarian information and disaster risk reduction.” The event was attended by all UN agencies as well as the media and other stakeholders. The objective was to enhance understanding around disaster risk reduction, i.e.the terminology, create linkages with stakeholders (how to be included in information dispatch lists),good reporting practice and ways to promote joint action in communication for development.

Participants during the roundtable discussion

Participants during the roundtable discussion

The Director of MISA Namibia presented a talk on “unpacking the role of the media, especially community radios in reporting on humanitarian and development issues,” she called upon the media to recognize their role in reporting on natural and human disasters and how they can unknowingly turn the cries into beautiful songs that inspire development partners to continue their work in bringing hope to millions of people. Continue reading

Malala Day celebrated in Windhoek

Friday 12th July was Malala’s 16th Birthday. The young Pakistani girl, who was shot by the Taliban in October 2012 for her brave activism for education and girl’s rights, recovered and gave a speech at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Friday. All over the world, students raised their voices this day, standing with Malala in her fight for universal education.

Learners within the capital, Windhoek joined in on the Malala experience by showing their creative side in addressing the necessityof education for all.

UNIC Windhoek had sessions with high school learners from Jan Möhr Secondary School and St Paul’s College in Windhoek. During these sessions, UNIC educated the learners about Malala’s story and her continuous activism for education and girl’s rights. The learners were excited to hear that a girl their age would address the UN and that they could get involved in a global campaign for education.

The learners joined a discussion on education and took time to reflect on it. Using crayons and khoki pens, they expressed their thoughts and wishes for education by creating powerful posters. They counted themselves fortunate to attend school and demanded education to be a human  right for all. “Education should not be a privilege for the privileged” said Henog Tjikune and Kevin Wessels added, that universal education means “a brighter future for every child.”

Malala Day exhibition at the UN house in Windhoek

Malala Day exhibition at the UN house in Windhoek

UNIC Windhoek collected all the illustrative work of the participating learners and created a small exhibition at the UN House in Windhoek. The purpose hereof was also to create awareness about Malala Day among UN staff and visitors. The visual prints of the learners were also sent to the UN Headquarters in New York on Friday and shared online.

UNIC Windhoek would like to express our sincere thanks  to all the learners for doing their part in campaigning their views on education and girl rights

Jan Mohr learners display their artwork in support of Malala

Jan Mohr learners display their artwork in support of Malala