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UN System in Namibia launches monthly newsletter

Newsletter - June 2016 page 1The Newsletter is designed and produced by UNIC Windhoek.

Today, the United Nations (UN) System in Namibia launched a digital newsletter which aims at educating and informing the Namibian public about the work of the United Nations in Namibia.

The UN in Namibia is excited about the newsletter, as it is an opportunity to connect with the Namibian public as well as to provide up-to- date knowledge of the work of the UN and its partners.

The newsletter, which will summarize key events and outreaches, will be released digitally at the beginning of each month as well as posted on the UN Namibia website: http://www.un.org.na. It will also include educational material such as the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of the Month, a dynamic ‘Did You Know?’ column and articles with information related to issues facing the country.

For more information, please feel free to contact the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek at 061-2046144 or library@unic.windhoek.org for more information or a copy of the newsletter.

Here is a link to the June 2016 Newsletter on the UN Namibia Website:

NDF student officers learn about the United Nations

NDF student officers take notes throughout the presentation.Through an outreach activity, the UN system in Namibia brings National Defense Force (NDF) student officers into the classroom and gives accessible and informative 45-minute presentations on the role and objects of the United Nations.

The annual teaching is designed to enhance the knowledge, understanding and purpose of the United Nations. Continue reading

UNIC Windhoek hands over practicum students’ cards & well wishes

resized 1UNIC Windhoek’s High School Practicum Programme concluded on Friday, 20 May 2016 where 17 high school students from six different high schools in Windhoek received certificates and comprehensive assessments on the three week intensive programme they participated in learning about; the UN, SDGs, Model UN, volunteerism and climate change.

The volunteerism module’s practical assignment was up to the students to make a difference and spread hope. The one component consisted of a clean- up campaign in the Klein Windhoek area, picking up rubbish and actively making a difference. The students had also learnt about climate change and this was also a way to make a difference in the local environment.

The participants then embarked on a mission to spread hope and cheer and bring smiles to other children. They designed and crafted custom banners, cards and motivational messages, designated for cancer patients, and in particular, children. The participants wanted to remind the children that someone else is thinking of them and wishing them well. It was a simple gesture from the participants and a reminder to

The UNIC team delivered the cards to the Cancer Association CEO, Mr. Rolf Hansen, and relayed the well wishes and positive messages the participants had crafted.  The Cancer Association was pleased to accept the cards and would distribute it in the hospitals to the children, they were pleased to learn of the effort and time the participants put in to create the cards for the children and congratulated UNIC on the positive programme outcome.




UNIC Windhoek participates in Namibian Women’s Association Climate Change workshop for the Namibian Children’s Movement

DSC_0423The United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek took part in a climate change workshop run by the Namibian Women Association (NAWA) which was attended by the Namibian Children’s movement and other students.

Under the theme, ‘We Shall Change the World” the workshop aimed to teach students about climate change, the Paris Agreement, the impact climate change has had on Namibia as well as the importance of climate action with the hopes that the students would share the information with their respective institutions and communities and spark change.

DSC_0461UNIC Windhoek presented two hour-long PowerPoint presentations as part of the workshop, one about climate change and the other about the Paris Agreement. Enthralled by the topics, the students asked questions and shared their ideas throughout the presentations.

There were students from local schools in Windhoek as well as from the North and South of Namibia. Although the students attending the workshop came from all over the country, they were united by the passion to learn about climate change as well as the determination to make a difference. Continue reading

UNIC Windhoek launches the High School Practicum Programme

DSC_0034On 7 April 2016, UNIC Windhoek proudly launched the High School Practicum Programme, a first, for the UN in Namibia. In attendance were representatives of various high schools in Windhoek, who were designated by their school principals to attend this important launch. Namibian schools are writing exams currently, thus the UNIC team fully appreciated the attendance and support of the designated representatives.

DSC_0020Leading the presentation, Anthea Basson, the National Information Officer for UNIC Windhoek, elaborated on how through innovative campaigns and partnerships,  this programme aims at  empowering the next generation of world  leaders to work with the United Nations and take on global challenges. Equipped with this, the students will be encouraged by the programme to develop leadership skills and civic awareness, and will stay informed on the perspectives and issues affecting nations across the world. Continue reading

UNIC Windhoek celebrates intern Nicola for #WCW

nicola WCW Each Wednesday, the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek celebrates women and their accomplishments in order to inspire other women to be the best they can be and to fight against gender inequality.

This #WednesdayCelebrateWomen, UNIC Windhoek celebrates one of its interns, Nicola Gallagher. Read along as this motivated young American woman reflects on her positive experience with the agency and her path towards self-discovery.

Growing, learning and serving on my path to finding my true self

As a recent graduate from Boston College, a Jesuit Catholic University in the United States of America, I was worried about entering into the ‘real world.’ I was afraid of leaving the supportive University environment as I set on the path towards finding my true self. Luckily, this path has lead me across the Atlantic Ocean to UNIC Windhoek.

‘Setting the world aflame’ by being a ‘woman for others’

At University, the Jesuit priests urged me to be a ‘woman for others’ and ‘to set the world aflame’. Specifically as a communication major, I was interested in how communication could aid me in serving my fellow human beings and bringing about change.

I knew that I wanted to be part of a company or organization that worked towards serving other people and that challenged injustices in the world. From a small age, I dreamed about working for the United Nations.

Being part of the team that works to communicate the work of the United Nations with the Namibian public has given me the opportunity to utilize my academic background to create educational and informative messages that are shared with the Namibian public.

My positive experience at this internship has reminded me how important it is to do what I am passionate about and that no matter what path a person takes in life, it is important to stay true to oneself. I am passionate about questioning the world around me and promoting peace, equality and love, and I am blessed to be able to do that with UNIC Windhoek. Continue reading

Model UN exhibition at St.Paul’s Extra Curricular Fair

prospective munersOn the 28th of January 2016 St Paul’s College in Windhoek held an Extramural Fair. The Extramural Fair is an annual initiative of the school to host information exhibitions on the available extra-curricular activities on offer at the school.

 The St. Paul’s Model UN Club in collaboration with the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek set up an exhibit to promote the prestigious international learning programme. UNIC Windhoek supported the MUN Club by providing banners, information materials and branded promotional items to be disseminated to potential candidates. Former delegates and an intern of the Centre remained on standby to answer questions to the soon-to-be Model UN Namibia (MUNNAM) delegates. Continue reading

Walking in the shoes of a legend, Nelson Mandela Day 2015

book winnersOn July 15th, Windhoek’s United Nations Information Centre team paid a visit to the Holy Cross Convent Primary School to commemorate Nelson Mandela International Day. The Centre decided to commemorate this year’s celebration under the title “walking in the shoes of a legend.”

The day comprised of a compelling a presentation about the life and work of the late Nelson Mandela, followed by a creative activity that allowed the learners at Holy Cross to decorate their own shoes. Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated annually on July 18th, the day when the first democratically elected president of South Africa was born in 1918. Continue reading


yoga_picOn June 21st, the first ever international day of yoga was celebrated in the nation’s capital, Windhoek. The local yoga celebration was only one of a series of events held all over the world to commemorate this ancient exercise after June 21st was declared the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations in December of last year. The day began with an educational presentation at the University of Namibia and continued in the Parliament Gardens, where over 50 supporters of yoga gathered to exercise. Continue reading

Extracurricular Activities Fair at St Paul’s College Windhoek

The 29thof January was an exciting day for St.Paul’s College Windhoek students, as the Extra-curricular activity fair held for the students showcased a plethora of after-school activities, ranging from educational to community service. As of 2014, it became compulsory for all students to participate in at least one extra mural activity. Hundreds of students roamed the activities fair hall, to identify an activity they would enjoy for 2014.

Happy students leave with a UNIC waterbottle and information about the UN and MUN programme

Happy students leave with a UNIC waterbottle and information about the UN and MUN programme

One activity that was exceptionally popular with the students was the Model United Nations Namibia programme (MUNNAM). The MUN Club members at the school, set up an exhibition table comprising of UN material and banners. The club was supported by the United Nations Information Centre Windhoek. The set up was spearheaded by MUN Club member Lars Schuler, who coordinated and ensured active support from the UNIC team. Continue reading