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#UN4U makes waves at People’s Primary School

On 2 August 2017, the UNIC team reached out to People’s Primary School in Katutura, and delivered the second installment of the #UN4U presentations to over 700 learners. When the UNIC team arrived, they were greeted by the students who were beaming with excitement in anticipation of learning more about the United Nations.

#UN4U is a program that educates learners about the fundamentals at the United Nations and the positive impact it creates on improving human rights in the world. The program has been tailored to appeal to students who are curious about United Nations activities and responsibilities. The principal Patrick Xoagub of People’s Primary imparted that his students were very excited to hear what the United Nations has to say and acquire more knowledge about the work of the UN in Namibia.

The presentation began with a re-telling of the United Nations history—a compelling and insightful narrative that included references to World War history and the League of Nations. This was followed by a indepthexplanation of the United Nations bodies and branches, the UN General Assemblies and Security Council meetings work and how its specialized agencies service the communities in Namibia. After a well- ordered delivery of the UN’s history and its mechanisms, strong emphasis was placed on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Learners active participation was encouraged by reciting the   17 Sustainable Development Goals out loud and to emphasize  the significance of each goal and how they could help in achieving the SDGs.  The UNIC team also relayed the importance of making these goals part of students’ everyday lives and reinforced the four priorities enforced by UNPAF—a strategic partnership the UN shares with Namibia that give emphasis to education and skills, poverty reduction, health, and institutions and environment.

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UN4U outreach at People’s Primary School

pps2On Monday, the 10th of August 2015 UNIC Windhoek visited Peoples Primary School located in Katutura.  We were welcomed by 300 grade 5 and 6 learners whom were seated in the school hall.

Our presentation commenced with the main aims and roles of the United Nations in Namibia and the world at large as well as the different agencies within the UN. It was quite humbling seeing some of the learners scribble down notes as they paid attention attentively. The learners were interactive and participated throughout the presentation. They were inquisitive and asked a lot of questions. One of the learners asked how she too can end up working for the United Nations one day. The learners all received UNIC Windhoek pens at the end of the day for their immense participation. Upon completion of our presentations we played a video carrying out the message of the UN to the learners. Continue reading