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Meet the Intern: Christophine Kamati

This week we introduce Christophine Kamati, our in house creative at UNIC Windhoek. She joins the UNIC Windhoek team as part of the Centre’s graduate internship programme.

Christophine is a level headed young woman who is set to carve a niche for herself in the graphic design industry. She continues to push to reach creative new heights and adds a unique edge to all her deliverables.  Her passion for design and creativity is inherent in all she does. Check out the interview with Christophine.

Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.






Meet the Interns: Marijana Tubic

This week we introduce Marijana Tubic from Serbia. Through our graduate internship programme, we house national and international interns who wish to gain insight into the work of the Centre and the UN Namibia. The minimum required period is 3 months up to six months.

Read the interview with Marijana and learn more about our team members.

UNIC Windhoek bids farewell to talented interns

We don’t know where the time went, but it has gone as quickly as it arrived. Friday, 30 June 2017, the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek celebrated and said goodbye to eight exceptional interns. They were a hardworking and intelligent group of young men and women that gave their all to the Centre and the United Nation’s (UN) mission in Namibia.

The purpose of the UNIC Windhoek internship programme has been and will continue to be an initiative aimed at cultivating the wealth of talent within the Namibian youth. To expose interns to the unique working environment of the UN, and to groom them into experienced professionals capable of thriving within any working environment.

Experience has shown that interns at UNIC bring creativity, enthusiasm and a dynamic work ethic to the office, capable of implementing effective outreach activities and advocacy within Namibia.

This year’s group was no different as they epitomized the qualities necessary to support the UNIC office. With that being said, the Centre would like to acknowledge the efforts of Mr. Tom Shilongo, Ms. Mbatjita Ndjoze, Ms. Erna Tjombonde, Ms. Kristine Mupita, Mr. Cheryl Emvula, Mr. Alphonce Marealle, Mr. Robert Ngololo, Ms. Emma Schreiber and Mr. Mpho Katjiuongua. These young professionals gave their all to UNIC during the past six months. Continue reading