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476396-2015_human_development_reportThe Human Development Report is freely available online:






Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR), Cape Town, South Africa’s latest policy brief on “War and Peace in the Great Lakes Region”.


The report is based on a CCR policy research seminar in Cape Town, from 19 to 20 March 2016. The meeting brought together about 30 prominent African and Western policymakers, scholars, and civil society activists to assess the major obstacles to peace and security in the Great Lakes, and considered seven broad themes: Security and Governance in the Great Lakes Region; the cases of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC); Burundi; Rwanda; and Uganda; as well as the role of the United Nations; and that of the European Union, in the Great Lakes. ccrpb32_war_peace_great_lakes_28sep2016


V51-Great_Lakes_Report_D8 Centre for Conflict Resolution’s Great Lakes report 2015