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Coaching the Model UN Namibia team of Windhoek Gymnasium Secondary School

IMG_1265UNIC Windhoek is always seeking ways to make preparing for Model UN Namibia (MUNNAM) Conferences easier and help MUN delegates to be more efficient, thus providing students with a number of resources to lead others, club leaders and individuals in their preparation for upcoming MUNNAM conference.

On Wednesday, 2 March, the Centre added yet another active group of students from Windhoek Gymnasium Secondary School to our pool of MUN clubs.

Our detailed lesson plan involved meeting new students, introducing them to the curricula on MUN teaching and engaging in role playing of the substantive procedural issues of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Continue reading

First Model UN training at St.Paul’s a fun learning experience

st pauls sessionModel United Nations is a simulation of UN organs by students. Students “step into the shoes” of diplomats and engage in discussions, negotiating, lobbying for support and getting their positions across and finally crafting resolutions. UNIC Windhoek spearheads the Model United Nations Namibia programme for high school students and hosts an annual conference. UNIC Windhoek facilitates training to high schools in Windhoek, and help the schools start up MUN Clubs.

group photo st paulsModel UN season has kicked off and is in full swing, and the first training session at St Paul’s College was attended by two UNIC team members on 24th of February after school. The MUN Club was already seated and well into their introductions. The UNIC team introduced themselves last of all, and also presented a short verbal piece on what MUN is, and what the newbies to the club can expect. Continue reading

First Model UN training session at DHPS

dhps first sessionThe first Model United Nations Training session kicked off with the DHPS students on the 18th of February, after school. The UNIC team were welcomed by an overwhelming number of new participants all eager to find out more about the programme. Introductions were the order of the day, and the main focus of the first session was providing information and creating opportunities for the new and old delegates to take the first steps in public speaking. A short overview of the Model United Nations programme followed highlighting the annual conference and expectations student delegates. Continue reading

Model UN exhibition at St.Paul’s Extra Curricular Fair

prospective munersOn the 28th of January 2016 St Paul’s College in Windhoek held an Extramural Fair. The Extramural Fair is an annual initiative of the school to host information exhibitions on the available extra-curricular activities on offer at the school.

 The St. Paul’s Model UN Club in collaboration with the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek set up an exhibit to promote the prestigious international learning programme. UNIC Windhoek supported the MUN Club by providing banners, information materials and branded promotional items to be disseminated to potential candidates. Former delegates and an intern of the Centre remained on standby to answer questions to the soon-to-be Model UN Namibia (MUNNAM) delegates. Continue reading


munnam 1The Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) programme has been in operation since 2012, with United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek spearheading the programme and hosting an annual conference. In light of not hosting the 2015 Conference, UNIC hosted an intensive two day training workshop for high school youth in the Khomas region at Safari Court Hotel & Conference Centre.

The training was aimed at streamlining the Model United Nations programme and ensuring that it is on par with the revised guidelines received from New York. The training was held 15 -16 September with approximately fifty three high school learners in attendance. The learners in attendance ranged from grade 8 to 11 and represented twelve different high schools in Windhoek. The training provided a practical learning experience in preparation for the 2016 MUNNAM Conference. It enabled the learners to gain realistic insights into the rules and procedures of the UN General Assembly and the practical skills diplomats implement during such a session.

Continue reading

Bandora bids farewell to the President of Namibia

IMG_0609In the final run down of all official courtesy calls and media engagement for the outgoing UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Musinga Bandora, UNIC Windhoek’s National Information Officer, Ms Anthea Basson accompanied the Resident Coordinator to the President of Namibia for purposes of media coordination as well as documenting and enhancing relations. The fruitful courtesy call allowed Mr. Musinga Bandora to thank the President for hosting him in Namibia, he duly informed the President of his end of term and plans to retire. Continue reading

Model UN Namibia exhibition at extra-curricular fair

mun fair 3The Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) programme, spearheaded by the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek has been very successful since its inception during 2012. MUNNAM Clubs are hosted at secondary schools in the various regions in Namibia, where high school students meet to run mock simulations or discuss the current international relations trends. Sustaining and mentoring these clubs is a key priority of UNIC Windhoek and is one of the reasons the Centre supports the set up and hosting of the MUNNAM stand at the St Paul’s College Extra-curricular fair on an annual basis.

mun fair 4At St. Paul’s College, each student is required to participate in two extra mural activities for the school calendar year, and the extra-curricular fair provides the students with information on the various activities at their disposal. The MUNNAM Stand at this year’s fair once again attracted hordes of students who were eager to find out what this fun, UN related activity was all about. UNIC Windhoek designed special flyers and provided fact sheets, banners, UNIC water bottles along with MTN Business Namibia (sponsors of MUNNAM) bags and pens to the students interested in joining the programme. The Deputy Principal of the school, Ms. Jenkins, was stationed at the stand along with the existing MUNNAM St Paul’s Club members who happily informed newbies about the programme. Continue reading

Mini simulation with Academia Secondary School Model UN club

IMG_8191Academia Secondary School’s MUN club has received ongoing training after the 3rd Annual Model United Nations High School Conference held in June 2014. The excited Model UN delegates from Academia Secondary School are all new to the Model UN world and were thus very determined to religiously meet every week for two afternoons to practice and flex their MUN muscles.

IMG_8249Following a preparatory session on ICT regulation and an in depth discussion, the delegates were assigned countries and asked to prepare their position papers and draft resolutions for the mini mock classroom session which was held on 7 July 2014. The delegates proved that novice MUNers who were determined enough, could do a sterling job presenting their position papers as well as negotiate like real diplomats. It was a fun filled session with many key insights shared and a positive learning experience and moreover, practical experience for the learners.

At the end of the session, information kits were distributed in preparation for the next weeks simulation on 14 July to discuss global warming 2015. These promising delegates from Academia Secondary School remind the UNIC team what a difference the Model UN programme makes in the lives of ordinary high school learners, who become involved in a whole new world, where they transform into extraordinary, insightful young people.

MUNNAM 2014 delegation selected for Cape Town!

IMG_0260The UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Musinga Bandora made an exciting announcement at this year’s Model United Nations Namibia High School Conference. Following an invitation from UNIC Pretoria requesting a delegation to attend a high school Model United Nations Conference in October 2014, the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office dug deep into his pockets to offer support to a Namibian delegation!

Ms. Anthea Basson made a formal announcement at the start of the conference on the intentions of the RCO’s office to support a delegation and established the selection criteria. This announcement certainly heightened the competitive spirit and encouraged delegates to deliver their utmost best!

A delegation of four participants was selected comprising of:

  1. The best female speaker ( this was a unique category established for the Cape Town delegation selection, to empower woman and ensure equal representation)
  2. The best delegation
  3. The best speaker

The winning Namibian delegation to Cape Town comprised of the following students:

Eerike Kahamundu (Jan Möhr Secondary School), Bianca Mungunda (Windhoek Gymnasium), Martha Frans (Hochland High School) and Rachel Nghimulitete (David Bezuidenhoudt Secondary School).

IMG_0249UNIC Windhoek along with the Resident Coordinator’s Office would like to congratulate the Namibian delegation and wish them the best of luck!! The Head of UNIC Ms. Anthea Basson was very excited to announce the winners, “after three years of hard work and passion we have poured into the MUNNAM programme, we will now be able to send a delegation to South Africa, it is indeed a proud moment for UNIC Windhoek. Over the past three years we have seen youngsters transform into mature youth ambassadors with a strong desire to make a contribution to their country’s development. The UNIC team realize that Model UN is so much more than the formal language, the business attire, the intensive debates and deliberations – it establishes connections between students that would never have been established and creates a platform for youngsters to peel away at their potential and grow as human beings. Bringing together students from advantaged and disadvantaged backgrounds to one platform – where they stand united no matter their socio economic backgrounds and watching human connections form – make us proud to run this programme in Namibia!”

MUNNAM 2014 Conference closing ceremony

The closing ceremony at the Model United Nations Namibia High School Conference is by far the highlight for the students, who all anticipate scooping up one of the coveted awards! This year, the closing ceremony certainly brought a whole new fun edge to the conference. As the judges exited the room to tally the votes for the best speaker (as voted by the committee) as well as compare their notes to select the best delegation, best school, the UNIC team prepared a surprise for the anxious delegates…

IMG_0706Two UNIC team members kick started the MUNNAM funny awards and awarded spot prizes (compliments of our sponsor MTN Business Namibia) to delegates. Some of the awards included a title of “the most colourful outfit, the funniest delegate, the best waving placard, the best notepasser, the most punctual delegate and many more funny awards as observed throughout the two day conference. Thereafter the UNIC team invited a surprise performance on stage to entertain the delegates who were awaiting their fate.

IMG_0849A local Namibian artist and hit among the youth, Waka performed with two of his dancers. The type of music he performs is described as modernized Kwaito, Kwasa kwasa, Afro-pop and a bit of Oviritje sounds. His lively performance had delegates singing along and celebrating the end of two days of intensive intellectual exchange. The performance was amazing and the delegates roared with a resounding round of applause.

Thereafter, the committee returned to all seriousness as the head of UNIC, Ms. Anthea Basson delivered short closing remarks and called upon the spokesperson for the judges, from IOM, Mr. Auriel Mbangson to announce the winners. There was a buzz of tension and excitement as delegates quietly crossed their fingers in the hope that they would win!

The winners received custom made trophies as well as cash prizes with the compliments of MTN Business Namibia, the final results were as follows:

IMG_0939The best speaker as voted by the delegation was awarded to Rachel Nghimulitete (delegate from Singapore) from David Bezuidenhoudt Secondary School who received N$ 1500 in prize money.

IMG_0922The best delegation award was scooped up by the USA delegation comprising of   Eerike Kahamundu from Jan Mohr Secondary School and Bianca Mungunda from Windhoek Gymnasium, who were blindly paired to work as a delegation and did incredibly well! They also received N$ 1000 each as a cash prize from MTN Business Namibia.

IMG_0928The best school was awarded to St Paul’s College, who walked away with the floating trophy as well as N$ 3000 towards their school.

Special recognition was given to Damian Adams from Academia Secondary School who was nominated as best delegate by the judges for his diplomatic poise and exceptional ability to communicate and deliver a speech.

The conference was a major success and well received among all the delegates in attendance. The Model United Nations Namibia programme is one of UNIC Windhoek’s flagship programmes that reaches and impacts an astronomical amount of students countrywide, through training and establishing clubs at the different schools. Thanks to the support of teachers, principals and sponsors like MTN Business Namibia, the programme grows from strength to strength each year.