Striving Towards a Better Future: UNIC Team Empowers Youth at Windhoek Central

180 enthusiastic students from Windhoek Central Primary School received a visit from United Nations Information Centre Windhoek on 9 August  to learn more about its educational outreach programme entitled UN4U. The programme teaches about the goals and vision of the United Nations and specifically focuses how the UN works for each of us.

The presentation showcased the work of UN agencies, programmes and funds in the country guided by the United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPAF)  and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The primary school learners were intrigued by the various acronyms that were thrown at them and were seemingly curious with topical details on the partnerships the UN creates with the national government  in Namibia. The essential aspect of  this years UN4U outreach challenged the UNIC presenters to break down the core of the presentation into layman’s terms to ensure that the Primary School assemblies comprehend the message conveyed to them.

The UNIC team encouraged a participatory audience and learners were eager to answer questions and share their knowledge about the UN and the 17 Sustainable Goals (SDGs). The learners passed around the microphone to add their voices on the subject matter presented.Recognizing the importance of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, learners felt empowered, learning about their inalienable rights to education, freedom of religion, expression of thoughts and ideas, to feel safe and protected by their caretakers, government and institutions in their community – just to name a few. The youth benefiting more knowledge in learning about the UN itself and the different UN organizations based in Namibia.

The upbeat delivery really inspired and captivated learners. The UN’s goals and objectives served as integral building blocks for international governance and a sustainable world.

The UN4U programme was launched as a preamble to UN Day–taking place on the 24th October 2017, and serves to educate and ensure that the youth in Namibia gain an understanding of  the UN system’s work in the Namibia, the SDGs and UNPAF in alignment with the country’s national priorities.

During the question and answering session, the learners were curious to know: how the UN help in eradicating poverty;  how progressive these efforts are and what actions one should take when their human rights are violated?  The  learners shared their favourite Sustainable Goals at the end of a brief video which featured celebrities endorsing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. With enthusiasm that mirrored the presenters,’ learners asked insightful questions, and demonstrated an impressive understanding of UN activities.