High School Practicum students conduct Mentor and Peer Evaluation

On 18 May 2017, the High School Practicum Student’s first task of the programme for Day 9 was dealing with peer and mentor assessment. The students were assessed using set criteria  such as self confidence,  self-direction, communication skills, social and cross cultural skills and critical and creative thinking. The learners received a guideline sheet where the criteria and evaluation aspects were defined in detail. Furthermore they received an evaluation sheet where the learners could choose 3 mentors and team mates who would asses them in the mentioned categories.

The team had a 30 min tea break followed by an exercise where the learners had to write a short statement about their favorite part of the High School Practicum Programme. While reading out their statements afterwards, the favorite topics where collected on a whiteboard and were identified to be: the Work Integrated Learning(WIL) Workshop from the NUST Cooperative Education UNIT, the excursion to the National Library of Namibia, the Paratus Telecom presentation about technology and education, the engagement with the SDGs on the 2nd day of the HSPP, the exhibition to Wernhill park where the team needed to inform the public about the SDGs, the presentation and theoretical performances of day 4 which were educating the team about the importance of accurate information and finally the personal interviews with Anthea.

For this exercise, magnets were distributed to everyone  every learner placed their magnet next to the topic they personally agreed with as their favourite.

The magnets spoke volumes, and it was clear  that the WIL workshop was the most famous one with fourteen votes, followed by the presentation about technology and education from Telecom Paratus with three votes and the excursion to the National Library of Namibia with two votes.

Afterwards a new practical exercise was introduced. The students were told to write an argumentative essay with personal opinion about the subject they found most interesting during the HSPP. After an extensive introduction about how to prepare and write an argumentative essay with personal opinion the team had time until lunch to collect ideas and structure their arguments.

After lunch the learners had one hour to formulate and finalize their essay. Then the learners came together in groups of 4 and each group was accompanied by one UNIC team member. In the groups the learners read out their essays and received feedback from the other group mates as well as the UNIC team. Every group selected their best essay which had the chance to be presented in front of everyone when the group session was over. The ones who presented received final feedback.

All in all the learners did very well and the final argumentative essays with personal opinions were impressive to the UNIC team.

Finally Anthea Basson handed a certificate over to Shaun Adams, one of the participants who is not able to attend the Certificate Ceremony the next day. This moment created great anticipation for everyone to receive their certificates and conclude the High School Practicum Programme for 2017.