UN Namibia ‘delivers as one’ and interacts with public at UN Day Exhibit

unic-exhibit-2The exhibition was provided by the UN System in Namibia through its partnership engagement with various stakeholders and aimed at educating the public about programmes and work aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Namibia.

In commemoration of the 71st Anniversary of the United Nations (UN), the UN in Namibia executed a captivating, high level public exhibition. The exhibition proved to a powerful, versatile and cost-effective tool in fostering discussions about the SDGs and the work of the UN in Namibia. More so, the exhibition promoted the UN System’s partnerships and created opportunities for the public, and in particular the youth, to interact with the various agencies in an endeavor to learn more about the work of the UN in Namibia and across the world.

whoAll UN Agencies, alongside Governmental Institutions and Ministries such as the Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, Ministry of Youth and Sport, Office of the Ombudsman, the National Art Gallery; non-governmental organizations such as Konrad Adenaur Stiftung, Hans-Seidel Foundation; tertiary institutions and the private sector, set up displays to promote their work and mandates.

exhibitThe two-day UN Day Exhibition included interactive digital displays which screened video footage of the UN’s priorities and presented a creative way to interact significantly with the public at large. The Exhibition, coordinated by the UNIC Windhoek office, was open to the public and schools.

A photography exhibit, set up the Windhoek International School’s auditorium, told the story of Namibia Independence and the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) operation in the country. The photographs provided a real-time reaction and dialogue among the high level guests on the structural change in the Namibian society.

unic-exhibitA vibrant display of the Sustainable Development Goals at the entrance of the exhibition hall greeted the inquisitive visitors and invited guests. The attendees flocked to the various stands to pick up information material and to participate in the activities offered. Each UN agency had a representative at their stand to answer questions, provide information and distribute publications, pamphlets, information materials and promotional items.

anthea-interviewMany of the youth expressed their delight in the opportunity to attend the exhibition and to add to their growing body of knowledge about the United Nations. UNIC Windhoek’s National Information Officer, Anthea Basson conducted television interviews with the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) for a special programme on Namibian Business News. In her interview she highlighted among others the importance of pulling together in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).