#WCW: UNIC Windhoek celebrates local radio and television personality Kirsty Watermeyer

16-00027_Digital-Cards-5bEach Wednesday, the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek celebrates women and their accomplishments. This Wednesday, UNIC Windhoek celebrates Kirsty Watermeyer, a local television and radio personality.

Currently, Kirsty is the host of a weekly local television talk show Tupopyeni meaning ‘Let’s Talk’ on NBC Television. She is also the manager and host of Master Your Destiny, which is a weekly radio talk show on 99FM. Kirsty has also been involved in the Namibian film industry staring in a few local short films. In addition to being an MC for many corporate and private events, she is also the Head Judge of the Windhoek Lager Ambassadors program.

Check out Kirsty’s interview with UNIC Windhoek! Read along as she describes her journey into broadcast and media as well as shares her thoughts on gender equality, human empowerment and self-awareness.

1.) Could you tell us about your weekly radio show, Master Your Destiny?

I believe in the fact that our lives are our own responsibilities and because of this we are the masters of our destinies and can become the person we were meant to be. Because of the many unique Namibian success stories found here, we felt that it was time to start celebrating who we are and who we can become through the sharing of our stories. As such the Master Your Destiny platform was launched on 99fm.

It is a weekly focus on areas that will grow us as people and as a nation. Through conversations with respected community members, successful entrepreneurs and captains of industry, ordinary Namibians doing extraordinary things as well as subject matter experts, the MYD Platform, equips, entertains and inspires in a way that will lead to individual growth, enlightenment and self-actualisation

It is only our own, hard fought for, internal change that can and will create the change and improvement we wish to see in the world.

2.) Why did you choose to go into media / broadcast media?

In truth, media and broadcasting chose me. My career started and was developed in the corporate world. It was through a series of events and twists of fate if you will, that saw me being asked to audition for a position hosting a weekly television talk show. Very sceptically, I auditioned and I loved it.

Like all industries, the media and broadcasting industry is a very interesting one, with its own unique challenges to be overcome. I believe that the media industry is unique because of the power is holds. It saddens me to see this power, very often, being used for personal gain. I believe that the media has a responsibility to uphold in causing for positive change in a society, educating, informing and inspiring.

3.) What challenges have you come across, if any, because of your gender throughout your career?

The truth of the times we live in is that despite the progresses we have made in rooting out inequality, there are still few women that have not faced challenges because of their gender. I am no different.

The wedge we drive between each other is not only found in differences we see in gender alone. The world we live in today is sadly, still shunning differences as though our differences are a weakness when in fact they form a foundational strength of our existence. As human beings, we are far more similar, than we are different. However our subtle differences, are what make us unique, diverse and with our own special talents.

In life, as in business, men and women offer different strengths. Each gender has a role to play in all successful endeavours. When we stop fighting over our differences, we would see how much we need one another.

4.) What are your thoughts on women’s empowerment, and why it is important?

Women’s empowerment is important because women are important to the equation of our collective success. However, I believe we should be empowering women and men. We should empower people as while women’s empowerment is far behind that of men, if we fail to empower our men we create a situation where men, powerless, become perpetrators of violence to take power back.

Each person has a role to play in the advancement and betterment of society. There are also very few societies today that are not under some form of siege, which leads me to believe that we need human empowerment in every corner of the world. As it is the people that make up our societies. Therefore if we are not reaping the societal rewards we wish to see in the world, only we the people can change that.

I also believe that no child is born with a desire to fail in life; it is the experiences of life that instils in a person, a desire to damage. With empowerment that is useful, practical and can cause for internal change, we can right wrongs of our environments and rise up as people.

5.) How can mass communication channels be used to promote women’s empowerment? How have you done this through your work?

Absolutely. Communication is the spark that carries the agent of change. The more avenues we can start the conversations that will be carried into people’s homes, the sooner we will create space for positive change in our communities.

6.) Why is self-awareness important?

I have seen the benefits of self-awareness in my own life. The more aware you are, of your own impact and influence, the more you realise that you are creating your day.

Self-awareness is empowerment. It is the knowledge that your life is your responsibility. When you truly grasp the influence you have in your life, you realise not only that you have power, but that you are also contributing to whatever it is you find in your life.

I believe that nobody can really empower another person. Empowerment is something that you have to do for yourself. The true moment of change comes when you realise that although your story may be different to somebody else’s, you have the power within to not become a victim of any experience, but to rise to the occasion of your life.

Self-awareness is important because it is the starting point of empowering your life.

7.) What is your advice to girls following their dreams?

My advice to anyone on following their dreams is that, your dreams are valuable and they are trying to tell you something. Each of the dreams we have for our lives are unique, for a reason. Your dreams are the key to guide you to where you can offer the world all of your unique and special talents. Even if you don’t know what those talents are, follow your dreams, your inner guidance, and you will get there.

The world is in desperate need of people who have followed their own inner guidance and done so with self-awareness. Understanding yourself first and then following the guidance of your heart is what will lead every person to a place where they are fulfilled. The more fulfilled and happy we are, the less we will seek to damage or disempower one another.

8.) What is your motto in life?

I have quite a few and they change all the time depending on what I am going through in my life at that time. Right now a few of my special mottos in life are:

“Let yourself be silently drawn to the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” -Rumi

“This a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.” -Maya Angelou

“Walk as if your feet are kissing the earth.” -Thich Nhat Hanh