Information sharing with local media


media packOn 4 February 2016, UNIC Windhoek prepared media packs for all Editors in an effort to ensure that local media remain informed and have access to all information material disseminated by the Department of Public Information.

The pack includes the publication “Politically Speaking: 2015 in Review” as well as copies of the “Year in Review 2015” video. UNIC Windhoek included UNIC branded pens, the UN Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and information letter to all editors. The local media remain valuable partners to the work of the Centre and the UN at large. Continue reading

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6 February 2016

Never before has it been more urgent – or more possible – to end the practice of female genital mutilation, preventing immeasurable human suffering and boosting the power of women and girls to have a positive impact on our world.

The urgency can be seen in the numbers. New estimates reveal that in 2016 at least 200 million girls and women alive now have undergone some form of FGM. The numbers keep growing both because more countries are paying attention to FGM and collecting data – which represents good progress– and because progress in ending the practice is not keeping pace with population growth – which is not at all good. If current trends continue, more girls will be cut every year by 2030 than today owing to high fertility rates and youthful populations found in most communities where FGM is prevalent. And since the practice increases risks in childbirth, it causes harm to today’s girls as well as the next generation. Continue reading

I CAN. WE CAN. NAMIBIA CAN. World Cancer Day 2016

PublicationsNamibians joined the international community on 4 February 2016 to commemorate World Cancer Day 2016. At a launch ceremony held in Klein Windhoek at the International Pharmacy, the Cancer Association of Namibia officially launched its “Cancer Awareness and Prevention Manual for the Republic of Namibia” (produced by the Cancer Association of Namibia and based on guidelines by the Union for International Cancer Control). At the launch ceremony, the CEO of the Cancer Association of Namibia, Mr. Rolf Hansen, briefed the media on the importance of the publication and along with employees, released balloons into the air.  The publication is aptly aligned to the international campaign “We can. I can,” which explores how everyone together or individually – can do their part to reduce the global burden of cancer. The title of the publication “I CAN.WE CAN. NAMIBIA CAN”

Cancer Association staff and ceoBalloon release

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4 February 2016

World Cancer Day, always an opportunity to rally the world, has special impetus this year thanks to the recent adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which aims to usher in a life of dignity for all people.

The Sustainable Development Goals endorsed by all governments call for reducing by one third premature death from non-communicable diseases. This builds on an historic commitment made in 2011 by Heads of State. We are also guided by the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health, and the Every Woman Every Child movement behind it, which are working for stronger health systems, universal health care coverage and scaling up of life-saving interventions for comprehensive cancer prevention and control.

We must do more to end the many tragedies that cancer inflicts. About one third of cancers can be prevented, while others are curable if diagnosed and treated early. And even when cancer is advanced, patients should benefit from palliative care. Continue reading

Model UN exhibition at St.Paul’s Extra Curricular Fair

prospective munersOn the 28th of January 2016 St Paul’s College in Windhoek held an Extramural Fair. The Extramural Fair is an annual initiative of the school to host information exhibitions on the available extra-curricular activities on offer at the school.

 The St. Paul’s Model UN Club in collaboration with the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Windhoek set up an exhibit to promote the prestigious international learning programme. UNIC Windhoek supported the MUN Club by providing banners, information materials and branded promotional items to be disseminated to potential candidates. Former delegates and an intern of the Centre remained on standby to answer questions to the soon-to-be Model UN Namibia (MUNNAM) delegates. Continue reading

International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust


Secretary-General’s Message for 2016

During the Second World War, six million Jews were systematically rounded up and exterminated.  The Nazis also murdered Sinti and Roma, political prisoners, homosexuals, persons with disabilities, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Soviet prisoners of war.

The Holocaust was a colossal crime.  No-one can deny the evidence that it happened.  By remembering the victims and honouring the courage of the survivors and those who assisted and liberated them, we annually renew our resolve to prevent such atrocities and reject the hateful mentality that allows them.

From the shadow of the Holocaust and the cruelties of the Second World War, the United Nations was established to reaffirm faith in the dignity and worth of every person and to uphold the rights of all to live in equality and free from discrimination. Continue reading

#COP21 closing remarks of the Secretary General



Paris, 12 December 2015

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attends/speaks at Opening of High-Level Segment of COP21.

Mesdames, Messieurs,

All my congratulations.

The Paris Agreement on climate change is a monumental triumph for people and planet

I know I speak for everyone in this room in applauding COP21 President Laurent Fabius and UNFCCC Executive-Secretary Christiana Figueres for their outstanding stewardship of these negotiations.

In the face of an unprecedented challenge, you have demonstrated unprecedented leadership.

Climate change is the defining challenge of our time.

That is why I have made it one of the defining priorities of my tenure as Secretary-General.

Over the past nine years, I have spoken repeatedly with nearly every world leader.

I have visited the climate front lines, from the Arctic to Antarctica and to the Amazon, from the Sahel to the Aral Sea.

I have been to Pacific Islands that are sinking under the waves.

Most of all, I have listened to people – the young, the poor and the vulnerable, including indigenous peoples, from every corner of the globe.

They have demanded that world leaders act to safeguard their well-being and that of generations to come.

Here in Paris, we have heeded their voices – as was our duty.


We have solid results on all key points.

The agreement demonstrates solidarity.

It is ambitious, flexible, credible and durable. Continue reading

Human Development Report Launch 2015

undp report launcgh 2UNDP Namibia launched the Human Development Report for 2015 on Tuesday, 16 December at the UN house in Klein Windhoek in collaboration with UNIC Windhoek.  The  2015 report is the 24th Human Development Report and addresses the challenges and seizes opportunities of the new world of work.  Attendees to the event included the diplomatic corp, government officials, civil society, public and private institutions, UN Country team as well as the media.

The 2015 report was officially launched by Ms. Lucia Iipumbu, Deputy Minister of Economic Planning alongside the Assistant Administrator of UNDP & Deputy Director of the Regional Bureau of Africa, Ms. Ruby Sandhu-Rojon.

undp report launch 6Speaking on behalf of UNDP Namibia, the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, Ms. Kiki Gbeho noted that the „Human Development Report is UNDP’s flagship knowledge document that provides analysis and recommendations that are both objective and independent.“ Continue reading

International Volunteer Day in Namibia 2015

UNV 6This year’ International Volunteer Day took place in the Oshana region, Oshakati on Saturday, 5 December 2015, highlighting the theme “Your world is changing. Are you? Volunteer!”  The UN system in Namibia and the Government of the Republic of Namibia, gave thanks to the elders and especially the youth who continue to volunteer their services for the betterment of our society and in that spirit they make a contribution towards vision 2030. The theme for 2015’s International Volunteer Day is: The world is changing.  Are you? Volunteer! Continue reading

2nd Visit to Namibia by Mr. Tayé-Brook Zerihoun, the Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs

visitMr. Tayé-Brook Zerihoun, the Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, was on a three-day official visit to the Republic of Namibia from 25-27 November, to exchange views with Namibian Head of State, H.E. Dr. Hage Geingob and Senior Government Officials on the possible establishment of a regional or political office in SADC.

Zerihoun elaborated on the UN’s plans to strengthen cooperation with the SADC Secretariat. The plans follow the signing of a partnership agreement last year.

The ASG, accompanied by Mr. Martinho Chachiua, Head of Department of Political Affairs, Southern African Development Community (SADC) Liaison Office in Gaborone, engaged in special briefing session with the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) on Thursday, 26 November 2015 at the UN House in Klein Windhoek. Continue reading